A new case of Ebola has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an internal report from the national biomedical laboratory said on Friday, Reuters reported.

The positive case came from the city of Beni, which has one of the worst-hit areas from the Ebola outbreak from 2018 to 2020, the lab INRB said in the report.

The case was discovered in a two-year-old child. Three of the child’s neighbors showed symptoms of Ebola a month ago and died. However, the report said none of the neighbors tested positive for Ebola, according to Reuters.

The report of the outbreak comes five months after an outbreak in May that infected 12 people and killed six.

The country has experienced 11 outbreaks of the disease since it first appeared in 1976.

It will take 42 days of no new cases in this latest outbreak to declare the flare-up over.