Former Washington State University (WSU) head football coach Nick Rolovich is suing the university for illegal termination stemming from his COVID-19 vaccination status.

Rolovich’s attorney Brian Fahling told ESPN in a statement Wednesday that his client applied for a religious exemption based on his Catholic beliefs but that it was denied by the university.

“It came after Coach Rolovich’s request for a religious exemption from the vaccine was denied by the University,” Fahling said in his statement. “The institution also indicated that even if the exemption had been granted, no accommodations would have been made.”

“As a result, Coach Rolovich will be taking legal action against Washington State University, and all parties responsible for his illegal termination,” he added.

Rolovich, 42, and four other assistant coaches, were fired by the school Monday after they refused to comply with a mandate that requires state employees to be vaccinated against the virus.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) had set a deadline that day for employees to be vaccinated or receive an exemption and accommodations from their employers, according to ESPN.