A New Try of Air Cargo Mixed Ownership Reform: Air Road Logistics Officially Founded in Xiamen

On Oct 18th , Air Road Logistics was officially set up.

Xiamen/Los Angeles (Oct, 21, 2021) – Air Road Logistics, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, is jointly invested and established by C&D Inc., Xiamen Airlines, and Zongteng Group, holding 50.1%, 37.9% and 12.0% of the equity respectively. Its Chinese name Shangzhou means the exchange of ships and merchants, describing the prosperous trade exchanges on the ancient Silk Road.

Air Road Logistics is mainly engaged in air cargo & mail transportation, and comprehensive logistics business. It is also planing to establish a cargo airline which will introduce all freighters, so as to build itself into a modern logistics comprehensive service provider integrating air cargo, modern warehousing, supply chain management and cross border e commerce.

Grasp new opportunities brought by the Industry

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the importance of air cargo has been raised to a new strategic height, which brings a golden period for aviation logistics in China. Currently, as China opens wider to the outside world and new economic formats like cross border e commerce grow rapidly , it is definitely the right timing to establish 2 Air Road Logistics.

Reform and optimize the supply side of aviation logistics

Establishing Air Road Logistics is a major strategic move for Xiamen government to respond to the Belt and Road Initiative, which is of great significance to improve China s international air freight capability and build a strong country in transportation and civil aviation.

Built on the Cargo Department of Xiamen Airlines, Air Road Logistics achieves business spinning off and ownership reform at the same time, being a new practice in restructuring the freight sector of China s airlines.

Established in Xiamen, the intersection of Maritime Silk Road and
Land Silk Road””, Air Road Logistics can take the advantages brought by the special economic zone, pilot free trade zone, comprehensive experimental zone, and the core zone of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Guided by the side supply reform, Air Road Logistics will accelerate to build a modern logistics service system and improve the logistics industry chain, so as to contribute to the regional industry improvement and high quality economic development.

Forge strong alliance to build a comprehensive logistics service provider

The C&D Inc.,has been engaged in supply chain operation for over 30 years, providing customers with professional and high quality 3 comprehensive supply chain services. It has business relations with more than 170 countries and regions, and has a strong leading advantage in the field of supply chain operation.

Xiamen Airlines is the first airline company operating under the modern enterprise regime in China, owning 210 aircraft and operating nearly 400 routes at home and abroad. Its route network covers China, radiates to Southeast and Northeast Asia, and reaches Europe, America and Australia.

Zongteng Group, as a leading cross border e commerce infrastructure service provider, has more than 40 branches worldwide and 30 overseas warehousing and transit hubs, and owns a total warehousing area of more than 1 million square meters.

The alliance of the three shareholders will bring their profound advantages in supply chain, air cargo and cross border e commerce into full play, integrate upstream and downstream resources of the logistics chain, and build Air Road Logistics into a top modern logistics comprehensive service provider with a more perfect modern enterprise system and market oriented mechanism.