SoCal Elite Connect 2021 – Southern California’s first large-scale offline event for Chinese students during the post-epidemic

Los Angeles, November 22, 2021 – As the most popular high-end social networking event among Southern California Chinese Students communities and young professionals, SoCal Elite Connect 2021 annual gala, hosted by USC Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USC-CSSA), held in The Peninsula Beverly Hills on Nov. 21, attracts about 200 outstanding Chinese students from southern California universities and young professionals. This is also the first large-scale onsite event for Chinese students in Southern California after the epidemic.

Kejun (Coco) Chen, director of the event, econ/math student of business at USC

Kejun (Coco) Chen, director of the event, econ/math student of business at USC, she said: “SoCal Elite Connect with 9 years of history, exists to inspire, support, and strngthen young professionals by providing them with the most prestigious student-lead networking platform. We seek to connect our generation of future leaders with the business elites across Southern California. This year, with over 20 professionals, we hope to generate a new clash of ideas and to broaden the students and young professionals’ prospectives and understandings of the world.

Dr. Alex Liu  the founder and CEO of the RMDS Lab

The founder and CEO of the RMDS Lab and advisor to Harvard Data Science Review Dr. Alex Liu as keynote speaker in his speech said: “From something considered as uncool to a subject very hot, then to something every organization needs and every discipline needs, data science and machine learning is becoming more and more important. Data science is a good career to pursue and also a good knowledge can be used to upskill everyone.”

“Early days, data means numbers organized in tables. As technology develops, now data covers texts, audio, videos … in the era of metaverse, almost everything recordable in both the physical world and virtual world can be treated as data for producing insights and for being utilized to perform analytics and predictions. For this, data science will become more and more powerful. Metaverse development will help data science.”

Also Dr. Liu advise students: “To enter the data science career or to upskill with data science, one easy place to get started is to join a data science community like at where you can utilize a lot of resources and get connected into a large community at FREE of charge.”

UCICSSA president Kaining Zhang (Left 4) and vice president Saining Wang (Right 2) with OVERSEAS STUDENTS SERVICES CORP LA team leader Jason Zhuang (Right 3)

Students from USC, UCLA, UCI, NYFA said the SoCal Elite Connect is very helpful for students to know more friends and professionals, most important is the industries experiences from professionals.

The platform covers a spectrum of industries, including Internet Technology, Finance & Business, Founders, Entertainment & Media, and Social Engagement & Education.

From Left: USCCSSA President Amy Jiang, 2019 president Andy Zhang, director Coco Chen


University of Southern California Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USC CSSA) is a nonprofit, student-run organization that focuses on the Chinese community at USC. USC CSSA has connected over 5,000 Chinese undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars and staff at USC.

Guests: Eileen Chen (Left 1, co-founder of Novartizan), Aaron Yu (Middle, co-founder of Narval Films,), Richard Ren (Right 2)

From Left: Aaron Yu, Richard Ren, Tomy Huang (Fashion designer, founder of 212FUN), Ziyan Shang (PR Director of 212FUN)

From Left: James Xia (Founder and CEO of Hante Corp.), Sing-Wai Wong (Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry of USC), Tomy Huang (Fashion designer, founder of 212FUN)

From Left: Gexuan Song (NYFA student), Richard Ren, Alex Wang (actor), Kathleen Lee (marketing director of AWFF), Amy Wang, Aaron Yun

Tianjin fellows meet together from USC and UCLA

From Left: Yuefeng Zhang, Richard Ren, Andy Zhang, Jason Zhuang

From Left: Grace (USCCGSA president), Tam Pu (Tiktok musician)

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