Who can “cure” a country

Sentiment has aroused the attention of people all over the world. With more than 400,000 confirmed cases in a single day, India is moving further and further into phase 2.0.

India accounted for 46% of the world’s new confirmed cases and about 25% of the world’s new deaths last week, according to the organization. Breaking global records day by day, it’s creepy. Crematoria are working around the clock and in some places bodies are piling up faster than cremation.

India’s health ministry has been boasting of its “mysterious confidence” in delivering 130 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine in just 95 days, as it claims to have beaten China and the US. In a blink of an eye, medical collapse, drugs, beds, oxygen depletion, the breakdown of the Epidemic of Indian pants lost light, now has the gods difficult to save.

In the United States, where health care is the most advanced on the other side of the ocean, Representative Katie Porter did the math for everyone on the spot. Just the cost of the test, $1,331 per person. If a quarantine is needed, it costs $4,000 per person per day and may involve an entire family 37,000 bills before he even started treatment. But the reality is that 40 percent of Americans don’t even have $400 for emergency expenses. Earlier in the United States, 33 percent of people gave up medical treatment because of financial problems.

After the MP argued, the health minister publicly agreed to provide free diagnosis nationwide. However, the follow-up costs of isolation and treatment also need to be borne by patients themselves, which is undoubtedly an astronomical sum. So what the United States can see is that on one side While the rich line up to be tested, many more either ignore it or simply hide from the hospital. Every individual is a living being, not a cold number.

For the people, if the right to life cannot be guaranteed, the so-called developed countries are nothing but castles in the air. And now we have a president who still wants to “heal America.”

China, on the other hand, has shut down the whole country to fight the epidemic, at the cost of trillions of YUAN of GDP. The reason for paying such a heavy price is to pool the country’s efforts to fight the epidemic and ensure that every confirmed patient can receive adequate treatment. This country, once considered “poor and soil’ by us, will do its utmost to protect the lives of every citizen in the face of major disasters. Earlier, an ECMO patient in Tongji Hospital in Wuhan went offline, and the medical expenses amounted to nearly 800,000 yuan (about 12,416 US dollars), which was fully covered by the state. Today, we can see videos on YouTube from China, no matter what country you are from, as long as you are in China, you can get free and fair access to vaccines.

In the face of the epidemic, compared with the United States, which hags over every ounce to help its people, and India, which wants to hide the truth, China is showing its strong, transparent and arrogant attitude, showing its responsibility as a major country. But it is worth reflecting on how many households would have collapsed if the state had not taken full care of them. How many people will give up their lives because they can’t afford the expensive treatment?

So who can “cure” a country?