2022 National AACYF Elite 30 Under 30 Selection Starts, Searching for Future Leaders

It’s Time to Apply for the 2022 AACYF 30 Under 30 List

Los Angeles, CA, (January 8th, 2022) The All-America Chinese Youth Federation, LAPOST, Chinese American Institute for Public Diplomacy, and other institutions jointly announced the selection of the elite list of 30 Chinese-American youth under 30 for 2022 (2022 AACYF Top 30 under 30). It will be open for applications and nominations on January 18, and will close on March 5. The list of winners will be revealed on March 18.


Candidates requirements include: Chinese, under 30 years old (including 30 years old), has participated in the founding of at least one company (or non-profit organization), the founder or co-founder of a company or organization, or a corresponding position such as the CEO of the company where, in the past year, the company (or institution) has shown significant growth or characteristic creativity that has attracted social attention; Or individuals with outstanding performance in various industries such as scientific research, culture, art, and sports. Those who have studied or worked in the United States or are living, studying, starting a business, or working in the United States can participate in the selection.


The industries cover various fields including enterprise technology, consumer technology, manufacturing and energy, art, sports, film, finance and investment, marketing, fashion, media, medical and scientific research, education, charity entrepreneurship, retail and e-commerce.


The selection criteria mainly includes industry experience, entrepreneurial experience, management ability, the ability to interact with investors, the ability to interact with the media, social influence, industry prospects, competitiveness, innovation ability, market development ability, and financing ability, etc.


The selection accepts the recommendation of the members of the “National Chinese Nomination Committee for Outstanding Entrepreneurs under 30”, recommendations from various media reporters, and accepts mutual recommendation of candidates and self-recommendations by industry insiders. The final stage is selected by professionals in various fields.


The organizer expresses the hope that through the selection, excellent entrepreneurs with innovative spirit and leadership in various fields will be selected to further promote and strengthen the development momentum of the youth innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provide more social visibility for Chinese youth and overseas student entrepreneurs. Find and nurture future business leaders and Chinese community leaders.


Nominators or applicants should provide the Chinese and English profiles of the individuals participating in the selection; the Chinese and English profiles of the companies and institutions founded; or the introduction of personal achievements. (Approximately 300 words in Chinese and English); personal ID photos, WeChat ID, etc., sent to the mailbox aacyf.org@gmail.com before March 5. After the winners list is announced on March 18, all the winners will be invited to enter the WeChat group specially designed for the winners.


This is the first and only overseas selection for young leaders under the age of 30 (AACYF 30 under 30) in the Chinese entrepreneurial circle of Chinese and overseas students. The 30 young elites from various industries selected every year have received extensive attention from world-renowned Chinese media, mainstream American media, and mainstream American society. The organizer will also provide broader opportunities for communication and interaction for all the elites on the list. Those on the list will also become members of the “Nomination Committee for Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Under 30 in the United States”.


At the same time, the organizers sincerely invite various media and institutions willing to encourage and promote innovation and entrepreneurship of Chinese youth and international students to participate in the selection activities. Organizations and media interested in participating in the joint cooperation, please contact the National Chinese Youth Federation, contact email: aacyf.org@gmail.com. The organizer sincerely invites people from all walks of life to participate in registration and support this selection. In order to maintain the independence and impartiality of the selection, registration and evaluation fees will not be charged during the selection period. (AACYF Los Angeles News)