President Biden on Tuesday reiterated his belief that schools in the United States should remain physically open despite the wave of coronavirus cases driven largely by the omicron variant.

Biden noted during remarks at the White House that his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan included billions of dollars to help support school reopenings during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have no reason to think at this point that omicron is worse for children than previous variants. We know that our kids can be safe when in school by the way. That’s why I believe schools should remain open. They have what they need,” Biden said before a briefing with his COVID-19 response team.

Political issue: Republicans have tried to make school reopenings a political issue, arguing that Democrats are siding with teachers unions and support closing schools during the pandemic.

Some schools have decided to revert to remote learning for periods of time as cases surge around the country, including districts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.