Los Angeles’s Longest-Running Art Show Returns to The Los Angeles Convention Center In 2022, Featuring Programming From 8 Institutions And Museums For DIVERSEartLA

January 19, 2022 – January 23, 2022

Los Angeles Convention Center

South Hall

1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Los Angeles, CA (January 10, 2022) – The LA Art Show, the most comprehensive international contemporary art show in America, is excited to be returning to the LA Convention Center with new and exciting programming just 6 months after their last event. This kick-off to the city’s 2022 art season comes on the heels of an incredibly successful summer return to live events, and brings with it the highly-anticipated return of DIVERSEartLA, this year with a new ecological lens.

Curated by Marisa Caichiolo, this edition will examine not just how the environment is represented in art, but how humanity’s place in the world is depicted. This exhibition will open up an important dialogue about the Earth’s past, present, and future, uniting the community around discussions of the global climate crisis and potential solutions. This topic is already at the heart of a growing number of art narratives and DIVERSEartLA is honored to provide it with an additional platform. For this year’s edition of the highly popular element of the LA Art Show, DIVERSEartLA invites art museums and institutions to partner with Science and Environmental Museums. Together, they will create an entire world of immersive experiences focusing on the looming impact we all face as the planet warms.

Caichiolo explains, “DIVERSEartLA 2022 will encourage visitors to confront the complex challenges of our global climate crisis and imagine potential solutions. This topic is at the heart of a growing number of art narratives, including exhibitions built with high-tech innovations, designed to inspire artistic appreciation and the desire to respond to environmental challenges, reinforcing the value of translating environmental advocacy into art.”

The programming is impressive with 8 participating projects:

● Dox Contemporary-Prague, the Czech Center New York, and Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles present “THE SIGN,” a site specific installation by Swen Leer. We, as a society, obey highway signs and take their truth for granted. The installation The Sign plugs into this a-priori factuality by mimicking the iconic freeway signage, while communicating an unexpected message that calls to mind the cost of our economical growth and its toll on our planet: “Your children WILL hate you – eventually.”

● MUSA, Museum of the Arts of the University of Guadalajara, and MCA Museum of Environmental Science present “THE OTHER WATERFALL & CHAPALA ALSO DROPS ITSELF” by Claudia Rodriguez, both of which reflect the contamination and lack of water that has affected the state of Jalisco, Mexico in the last decades.

● MUMBAT Museum of Fine Arts of Tandil and the Museum of Nature and Science Antonio Serrano of Entre Rios Argentina present “THE EARTH’S FRUITS” by Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi curated by Indiana Gnocchini which is a scientific research project whose ideology culminates with an installation work of a specific ephemeral site, where the waste that takes on a second life is dignified.

● The Museum of Nature of Cantabria Spain contributes with “Our turn to change” by Andrea Juan and Gabriel Penedo Diego, a video-installation. The video installation appeals to the viewer, through images, to awaken to an increasingly worrying reality. Drop by drop, large amounts of ice are lost every second. The Arctic is at minimum levels, Antarctica has lost ice shelves, glaciers have retracted and the oceans levels continue to rise.

● “Recognizing Skid Row As A Neighborhood:Skid Row Cooling Resources,” curated by Tom Grode highlights that Skid Row is a dynamic, primarily African American, residential neighborhood, not a problem to be fixed. The brutal heat waves of September 2020 created Skid Row Cooling Resources, a collaborative planning effort and think tank to ensure the summer of 2021 and beyond was better for Skid Row residents. Skid Row is a unique Urban Heat Island in the larger Heat Island of Downtown Los Angeles.

● TAM Torrance Art Museum presents “Memorial to the Future,” a collaborative art work concerning Climate Change 2022, curated by Max Presneill. Using Brutalist architecture as a reference point that encapsulates both the idealism and abject failure of this model, the collaborations, via photograph and video, highlight the need for immediate action. They do this not by way of propaganda, but rather via a diversity of photographic concerns that by physical proximity in their installation on a single structure, bring together various viewpoints and interpretations of warning, of caution, of danger in respect of our environment, nature and climate.

● The Environmental Digital Experience by A.Ordoñez delivered by Raubtier Productions & Unicus and curated by Marisa Caichiolo, an immersive experience that shows the viewers a range of climate phenomena, ending on the positive growth of new flora.

With an emphasis on relatable and timely issues the LA Art Show and DIVERSEartLA are kicking 2022 off with a bang! Please visit to learn more.