OECD Hosts Executive Consultation Group Meeting on Blue Dot Network

03/21/2022 12:43 PM EDT

Office of the Spokesperson

On March 21, the United States, Australia, and Japan participated in the third OECD-hosted Blue Dot Network Executive Consultation Group (ECG) meeting. The OECD, through technical support funded by the Blue Dot Network Steering Committee, organized the ECG to convene representatives from the private sector, civil society, and academia to advise on the design and implementation of this infrastructure initiative.

As the world works to recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, quality infrastructure investment is critical to stimulate demand, create jobs, and support long-term sustainable development. The Blue Dot Network represents an innovative solution that will catalyze investment in quality infrastructure projects, helping to close the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure gap, and accelerate the race to global net-zero emissions.

The Blue Dot Network will be a mechanism to promote robust standards and international best practices for quality infrastructure projects. Blue Dot Network certification will serve as a globally recognized symbol of infrastructure projects that are open and inclusive, transparent, Paris Agreement-aligned, and financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable. By utilizing a common standard of project excellence, the Blue Dot Network will help attract private capital to infrastructure projects in developing and emerging economies.

ECG members joined government representatives virtually to discuss progress in the implementation of the Blue Dot Network and its potential for transforming infrastructure development worldwide by rewarding best practices and promoting a “race to the top” for infrastructure quality.

The ECG meeting coincided with the launch of the OECD report The Blue Dot Network: A proposal for a global certification framework for quality infrastructure. The report lays out a methodology and framework for assessing and certifying infrastructure projects that have met robust standards for infrastructure finance and development based on leading global standards.

For further information, see https://www.state.gov/blue-dot-network/ and https://www.oecd.org/finance/oecd-and-the-blue-dot-network.htm .