The 18th New Silk Road  International kids Modeling Competition 2022 USA Los Angeles Region Press Conference and Audition Launched with Excitement

Los Angeles, Ca, March 27, 2022 – On March 26, 2022, the [18th New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition] press conference and first audition in the Los Angeles Region (USA) were successfully launched in Gensbox !

The morning press conference gathered distinguished guests from the film industry, fashion industry, art education industry, media industry, and other business leading ventures. Over 60 guests attended the press conference event, including: Veteran filmmaker Mu Xiaocheng, Emmy/Sundance award-winning producer Ewan Gotfryd, famous Hollywood actor Phillip Wilburn, 2022 Los Angeles mayoral candidate William Rodriguez Morrison, Mr. Feng Jun, President of China Hubei New Feilun Group Co., LTD, Mr. Qiu Shaoqi, Senior Vice President of China Trust, Ms. Sally Wei, Founder of Sally’s Top Five-Star SPA  Beauty Club in the US, Mr. Richard Ren, Ren Xiangdong, director of the Los Angeles Post, Mr. Eddie Chen, president of US-China Economic, Cultural and Art Association, Ms. Michelle Li & Jessica Li, co-founders of Stern Talent Academy & Runway, Chen Jiayongfang, director/artistic director of Weiyi, Ms. Connie Sun, founder of Learning Tree Education Group,. In the afternoon, more than 100 talented contestants competed passionately in “casual outfit” and “formal outfit”, from which was unprecedented.

From Left: Cui Nan, Yang Yang

Filmmaker Mu Xiaocheng (Middle)

Emmy/Sundance award-winning producer Ewan Gotfryd

The registration on March 6 has gained great amount of attention and participation in the Los Angeles areas. Modeling training institutions have sent a large number of students to participate in the grand event. The audition judges attended included: Ms. Wang Donghui, member of China Fashion Association, vice president and professor of Liaoning Communication University; Ms. Michelle Huang, Ms. Huang Minye, runner-up of Miss Asia Hong Kong/Miss. Photogenic; Ms. Maggie Ma Li, the Chinese champion/global runner-up of the Miss Model World Competition, and the top ten professional models in China; Ms. Zhang Ningyi, a famous Chinese film and television actress, singer, and now the head of Los Angeles Chinese Information Network; Du Yifan, a cutting-edge Chinese director, independent producer, and famous Tiktok celebrity; Xi Liwei, the first-generation male model/Mr. Fashion of China New Silk Road.

As a well-known national brand in the international fashion industry, New Silk Road is a leading enterprise in China’s fashion industry, has cultivated and shaped: Qu Ying, Hu Bing, Du Juan, Liu Wen, Zhang Zilin and other international supermodels, known by the industry as “the cradle of Chinese supermodels” and “the bridge to the world”.[New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition] was founded in 2007, attracting hundreds of cities at home and abroad and thousands of children and teenagers to participate every year. This year’s prestigious [New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition] crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in the United States for the first time. The US general competition was hosted by [New Silk Road Industry Group] and [United States J.I.A. International Culture and Media Group], set up several divisions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and other places. The Los Angeles division is jointly sponsored by [China-US Chinese Drama Alliance] and [KYSL STUDIO].

There are many highlights in the morning press conference: the dress show and LOGO dress show led by young supermodels Andrew Shaw, Lavin Kang, Stella Wang, Lily Liang, Serena Liang and rookie Crystal Deng trained by [KYSL STUDIO] are beautiful and shocking; The small host team of [China-US Chinese Drama Alliance] appeared: Yuqi Feng, Ramond Tian, Nicole Lee, Aiden Li, Jaylen Ma, they will be responsible for the audition interview at the venue, guests are fun by these children’s words; and Ma Yiming and Zhang Yuyi has brought wonderful and shocking talent show “Rumba”; the finale of the conference was from Cui Nan, an outstanding actor, famous opera and musical actor of the [China-US Chinese Drama Alliance], whose superb performance of playing and singing has pushed the atmosphere of the press conference to a climax.

In the afternoon audition, the organizers arranged a series of rich and exciting competition procedures for the contestants: professional T-stage catwalk competition, professional studio photography, body measurement of professional model agency and interviews with the little host, so that every child participating in the audition can experience the day of a little star.

From Left: Katrina, Yang Yang

Yang Yang, founder of the China-US Chinese Drama Alliance, the organizer of the Los Angeles Division, said that the China-US Chinese Drama Alliance is a comprehensive performing arts organization that integrates stage production, performance and performance training. In recent years, it has built a number of high-quality international competition platforms for children in the Los Angeles area, In this audition, in order to help players have a better competition experience, we spent a huge sum of money building a pure white T-stage with a series of experience procedures, moreover, we have reached a strategic cooperation with [Shanghai Zhijie Culture] and sent excellent players back to the “Childhood Journey” program of Zhejiang TV Children’s Channel. In the past two years, theCOVID-19 epidemic has seriously disrupted our normal life, our children have been imprisoned in small electronic screens. This time we will help children gain skills, confidence, friendship and love on the big dream stage!

Katrina, founder of [KYSL STUDIO], the organizer of the Los Angeles Division, said: [KYSL STUDIO] has top fashion resources and operation platform for international model competitions, has good cooperation with many international brands, and professional model & body shape teaching team. Andrew Shaw, Lavin Kang, Stella Wang, Lily liang, Serena Liang are all supermodels trained by KYSL and won champions in various model competitions. There are more promising rookie models like Crystal Deng. [KYSL STUDIO] students also perform in LA Fashion Week, OC Fashion Week and major brand shows regularly.

At the end of May, the qualified players in this audition will go straight to the finals of the Los Angeles Division. There will be champions, runners-up, second runners-up, top ten players, gold awards and individual awards for each age group. The winners of the Los Angeles Division Finals will go to New York on June 11 to participate in the National Finals, in addition to obtaining the official certificate; there will be possible to be selected for the New York Fashion Week performance in September 2022, and have the opportunity to be recommended to sign a professional model agent, get the spokesperson of well-known fashion brands and other performance. A second audition in the Los Angeles Division will be held on April 9. Registration is still going on. Please take the opportunity.