The 13th China Education Symposium will be live-streamed to the public this weekend

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Apr. 13, 2022 – This weekend, the 13th annual China Education Symposium, the leading event around Chinese education in the United States, will be live streamed globally to the public for free from Friday, April 15, to Sunday, April 17.

In the face of the unexpected challenges and emerging opportunities in the changing year of 2021, we will hold extensively and thoroughly conversations surrounding the theme of “Reimagine Education, Reinvigorate Aspiration.” The symposium is divided into six panels to deepen and broaden the conversations to different aspects of education: International Education, Innovative Education, Music Education, Equity in Education, Family Education, Mental Health & Wellbeing Education.


Dedicated to the development of China’s education system, this year’s symposium gathers 61 speakers from China and the U.S., including William Kirby, the T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University; Yigong Shi, the President of Westlake University; Alan Bersin, the Executive Chairman of Altana AI; Maggie Koong, the Chief Principal of Victoria (China) Education Group; Min Tang, the Counselor of the State Council for the Deputy Secretary-General of China Development Research Foundation; and Vicky Wang, the CEO of WuKong Education Group.


“In the past year, education in China experienced continued impacts of the pandemic as well as transformations brought by new policies,” said Cece Tang, the Co-chair of the 2022 China Education Symposium and the Ed.M. Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Scholars and practitioners in the field are facing many changes, but they are passionate about and committed to advancing education in China. Our group of students from Harvard and leading universities around the world, together with many distinguished leaders in education, are dedicated to presenting an enlightening experience to our audience this year.”


In addition to the six panels, this year’s symposium will also carry out four special events, including “Education in My Eyes” online interactive event, Career Fair, a special roundtable on Museum Education, and Nature-based Education to explore education in a more diversified context.


“Being in an environment where technology is developing rapidly and bringing innovative education products, how do we define education innovation within the status quo? How do we use these technologies to empower the equity of education? To find answers to these questions, we invite you to join us and share your opinions, envision the outlook of future education, and explore the infinite possibilities in education in light of the great changes of the time,” said Skye Wu, the Co-chair of 2022 China Education Symposium and the Ed.M. Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

About China education symposium (CES)

Affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, China Education Symposium (CES) is an official student-run organization established in 2010. As a non-profit symposium, CES has been widely recognized as one of the most well-established and well-known events in the United States around education in China. The annual Symposium aims to gather practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field of education to present the latest research, exchange new ideas, and brainstorm innovative solutions related to education in China. Visit CES at

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