Barger, Collaborators Applaud State Effort to Fund New Homekey Projects in Antelope Valley

Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger shared her reaction following Governor Newsom’s announcement that the County of Los Angeles will receive $12.9 million for two new Homekey projects in the community of Lancaster.

“I am thrilled that the State will provide financial support to help battle homelessness in the Antelope Valley,” said Supervisor Barger. “I’m committed to ensuring the communities I represent get their fair share of resources to do so. Governor Newsom’s funding approval yesterday couldn’t come at a better time. The motels that will be converted into interim housing for people experiencing homelessness in the Antelope Valley stand ready to be rehabilitated quickly and put into service. This is possible due to the strength of the collaborations that are in place. It takes strong partnerships between county, city and local developers to come up with feasible and timely housing solutions. That’s how we’ll win the battle against homelessness.”

City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris also offered his reaction. “Homelessness is prevalent in the Antelope Valley…and presents an ongoing concern to residents. We are grateful that Governor Newsom has extended a helping hand with funding for the Homekey Project, as well as our neighborhood resource Hope of the Valley, so we can continue to address this issue,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “The City is grateful to Hope of the Valley for leading this clean-up of an older area of Sierra Highway. The project will turn it into a safe haven for families that are going through difficult times and we stand behind their efforts to uplift the people in our community.”

The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission will serve as the sites’ developer. Chief Executive Officer Ken Craft shared his perspective. “At Hope of the Valley – having opened 16 shelters and housing facilities in the past 13 years with a total of 1,532 beds – we know how essential it is to bring people indoors.  No one should have to live on the streets, especially homeless families, mostly moms and kids.  Hope of the Valley is incredibly thankful to the State of California, Supervisor Barger and Lancaster’s Mayor Parris for their support.  In short order, the Sands and Tropic Motels located on Sierra Highway will be converted into interim housing for families.  Onsite, each family will have access to safe shelter, food, hygiene supplies and a full array of social services.  Both motels will go through a physical transformation. They will emerge as places of refuge, hope and new beginnings. Families experiencing homelessness will stabilize themselves threre, and make their way back towards independence and wholeness.”