Building on Steps to End the Conflict in Ethiopia

04/29/2022 06:05 PM EDT

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State

Millions of people in Ethiopia continue to face acute food insecurity and extreme hunger as a direct result of conflict.  We are encouraged that the government of Ethiopia and regional authorities in Tigray and Afar have taken steps in recent weeks to enable the delivery of desperately needed food aid to war-affected communities.  We urge the parties to accelerate, uphold, and expand these efforts to ensure, as President Biden has said, immediate, sustained, and unimpeded humanitarian access to all Ethiopians affected by this conflict.  The United States stands ready to continue to assist in this life-saving endeavor.

In recent months, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken a series of encouraging actions that have laid the groundwork for an end to conflict, including lifting the state of emergency, releasing some political prisoners and detainees, and, in parallel with Tigrayan authorities, declaring an effective cessation of hostilities.  We are similarly encouraged that Tigrayan forces have withdrawn most of their forces from Afar and have reiterated their commitment to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.  We now urge the parties, as my team and I have in recent days, to seize the opportunity to advance a negotiated ceasefire, including the necessary security arrangements, and call for the restoration of essential services in Tigray on an urgent basis.

The United States remains committed to a unified, prosperous, and sovereign Ethiopia and to supporting an inclusive political process to heal the country’s divisions and provide peace and security for all Ethiopians.