A company that outsources content moderation for Facebook is facing a review of its certification as an ethical employer amid outcry over alleged poor working conditions at its office in Kenya.


The potential loss of B Corp certification could significantly damage Sama’s branding as an ethical employer and harm its ability to raise funds. In addition to its work with Facebook, the company also has data labeling contracts with Google, Microsoft and Walmart.


The review comes on the heels of reporting detailing the California-based outsourcing company’s treatment of content moderators in Kenya.


Workers told Time that they were earning as little as $1.50 an hour while enduring mental trauma from reviewing content and intimidation from management.


Foxglove Legal, a United Kingdom-based nonprofit that works with Facebook’s subcontracted content moderators worldwide, alerted the ethical corporation certifier, B Labs, about those allegations shortly after Time’s report, according to emails shared with The Hill.