House poised to vote on formula legislation

The House on Wednesday was poised to vote on two bills aimed at addressing a nationwide shortage of infant formula.


The shortages have left many parents desperate, and lawmakers are scrambling to find a solution that could quickly put formula back on store shelves.


But even as Democrats praised the vote, it was unclear just how quickly the bills would help families and increase the available supply.


House Republicans knocked Democrats for giving money to the FDA without guardrails, and without forcing the agency to develop a concrete plan to solve the shortage. Republicans also said the funding legislation doesn’t hold the FDA accountable for its role in the shortage, though at least two House committees are investigating.


Senate Republicans also seemed wary of spending new money, and so the ultimate fate of the Democrats’ biggest legislative effort to fix the formula shortage was uncertain.


The formula shortages have been months in the making, but it’s only recently caught the attention of many members of Congress. Now facing pressure from frustrated families, lawmakers are casting about for a way to fix a problem with many causes and no easy answers.