Lanhee Chen Issues Statement on Advancing to the General Election

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Today, Lanhee Chen, candidate for California State Controller, issued the following statement after advancing to the 2022 general election.

“Thank you, California! We have taken an important first step toward restoring transparency and accountability to Sacramento.

Let me start by expressing my thanks to my wife, Cynthia, who has made all of this possible. Her dedication, support, and love have meant the world to me. Thanks as well to my kids, who make every day a joy, and to my parents, who made the courageous decision to come to California to build their lives here.

To win in November will require an effort that hasn’t been seen in our state in a long time. We’ll need more volunteers to get my message out across California. We’ll need to raise more money to make sure we can tell voters across the state about my candidacy. And we’ll need to work harder than my opponent and the Sacramento insiders who want to defend the status quo.

It’s a tough task, but one I know that we can accomplish with your help and support.”