Assemblymember Mike Fong and Assemblymember Miguel Santiago Urge Adoption of Increased Funds for Financial Aid in the 2022-23 State Budget

Monterey Park, CA ( June 13, 2022) – With rising inflation and drop in college enrollment, Assemblymember Mike Fong joined Assemblymember Miguel Santiago and community leaders at East Los Angeles College this morning to call on the State Legislature and the Governor to adopt the Legislature’s “Debt-Free” College Plan in the 2022-23 State Budget.

Assemblymember Mike Fong

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago

“Going to college is more than just paying tuition. Many of our students struggle with basic needs, including food and housing. I’m proud to join Assemblymember Santiago to advocate for increased funds in the state budget so that students can focus on their education, not how to pay for tuition, food, and housing,” said Assemblymember Mike Fong.


The Plan includes Cal Grant reform that would provide financial aid to 150,000 new students, investments in the Middle Class Scholarship, and expanding free community college under the Community College Promise Program to all full time students, as proposed in Assembly Bill 2266, of which Assemblymember Mike Fong is a co-author. Currently, free community college is only offered to first time students. 


The State Budget must be passed by the State Legislature by June 15th and signed by the Governor by July 1st