The Los Angeles Regional Competition of the New Silk Road International Kids Modeling Competition was successfully concluded and won another award in the U.S. Finals

Los Angeles, CA – On May 29, 2022, The 18th New Silk Road International Kids Modeling Competition 2022 Los Angeles Regional Final and Award Ceremony was held with great success while all eighty-eight contestants presenting their best performances and showcasing their amazing talents on the grand stage.

The 2007-founded New Silk Road International Kids Modeling Competition made its first transoceanic journey to the United States this year. The U.S. competition is organized by the New Silk Road Group and the US J.I.A. International Culture and Media Group. The competition committee has established a number of subregions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta. The competition in the Los Angeles is co-organized by East West Performing Arts Alliance Inc. and KYSL STUDIO, with KYSL STUDIO being the exclusive modeling training institute.

The judges of the final include Mr. Georges N. Chamchoum, the president of Asian Film Festival; Miss Ma Li, the winner of Miss Model of the World in China / Global First Runner-up; Miss Michelle Huang, the first runner-up and Miss Photogenic of Miss Asia Hong Kong; Katherine Gao, famous designer / founder & design director of Gao Republic; Vivian Wang, famous model from Taiwan Modeling Agency; Mr. Xi Liwei, the first generation male model / chief fashion officer of New Silk Road China; Matthew Acuff, famous baritone opera singer.

Mr. Guo Jiaming (Right)

The competition also received the honor of naming Mr. Guo Jiaming, a well-known Chinese actor and modern music pianist, as the “Star Power Assist Officer” to inspire and uncover the full potential, attitude, and dedication of these “starlets “.

John Wu (Middle), councilman from city of San Gabriel

This event has received strong support from many sponsors who were also present, including: Ms. Sally Wei, founder of Sally’s Health & Beauty Institute; Lucy Liu, CTO Guno, founder and co-Founder of Jiuxin Alliance; Steven Qiu, senior vice president of China Trust Bank & director of New York / New Jersey / California regions; Tony Wong, Founder, Wendy Wong, President, and Millicent Wong, Marketing Director from Changlin Real Estate Group.;Mr. Gong Kai, CEO of Beijing Yogurt Prime Plus Food; Ms. Anna Wang, Just go CEO, a fresh food fast delivery service platform; Mipet Owner Mimi Fu, Jericho Wang; James Fan,  founder of JL Smart Insurance; Ms. Annie Wang, founder of MAXV; Judy Mak, vice president of Gemorie Diamond Shangmei Jewelry; Peter CJ Pan and Yu Xiaodan, president of Beaupan USA; Victor Zhang, CEO of Wine Feast LE FESTIN WINE & SPIRITS. Collaboration Partners include.: Ms. Wang Lu, founder of Galaxy Art Group; Ms. Zhang Xiaojie, Principal of East Bay Campus; Ms. Mazaia Xie, president of Gensbox; Connie Sun, owner & founder of Learning Tree Education Group.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Inner Mongolia International Students Association and the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce Youth Federation for their tremendous amount of support and contribution to our event.

Mr. Guo Jiaming (Right 2)

Other honorable guests from local communities include: John Wu, councilman from city of San Gabriel; Zhang Yong, president of the US-China Chamber of Commerce; Ms. Wang Donghui, member of the China Fashion Association, vice president and professor of Liaoning Communication University; Bo Xing, well-known venture capital investor / CEO of Border X;  Richard Ren, Director of The Los Angeles Post; Cao Lin, president of the Board of Directors of the US Chinese Women Association. On behalf of City of San Gabriel, Mr. Chengyuan Wu, presented certificate to Yang Yang, founder of East West Performing Arts Alliance Inc., and Katrina Yu, founder of KYSL STUDIO, to recognize their contributions and dedicated efforts on organizing the competition.

Yang Yang (Right) and Cui Nan (Left)

Katrina Yu 

Yang Yang and Cui Nan co-hosted the event. Outstanding guest performers include: Maria Levina, the winner of the American Professional Latin Dance Competition and the champion of the World Dance Competition, partnered with Ma Yiming Ezra Ma, carried out a wonderful opening dance; kids models trained by Katrina Yu, Jing Wan and Vicki Xu from “KYSL STUDIO”, presented an amazing fashion show together with the three judges Miss Li Ma, Miss Vivian Wang, and Mr. Liwei Xi; Cui Nan, also an established actress from East West Performing Arts Alliance & a famous opera actress, performed the song “Run.”

This competition also featured a special interview session on the red carpet. Yuqi Feng, Ramond Tian, Aiden Li, and Jaylen Ma, members of the Los Angeles Youth Division of Galaxy Art Group, successfully completed their red carpet hosting tasks under the direction of red carpet director Shi Tanxuan and renowned host Aria Zhang.

This competition is divided into five age groups. The groups (male and female) winners were announced on the final night after evaluation on the contestants’ presentations on LOGO clothing, trendy clothing, and dresses. Congratulations to the following winners: Jayden Wei, Aria Zhang, Jerry Ji, Joey Chen, Jaylen Ma, Serena Liang, Aiden Li, Krystal Deng, Ezra Ma, and Lily Liang. Young music producer Zihao Fang’s unique music served as the runway music for the LOGO apparel competition portion, which provided the competition with endless inspiration and excitement.

After completing the regional final, the Los Angeles region’s top contestants went on to compete in the national finals held on June 12 at American Dream Entertainment Mall in New Jersey. The Los Angeles team won first place in the Team Challenge competition among all other divisions. Krystal Deng in the Junior Group won the first place; Kunfang Li in the Youth Group and David Jiang in the Teen Performance Group won the third place; Bella Wei, Celina Huang, Katherine Zhang, Xiaowan Jin and Lily Liang won the title of Rising Stars; Tina Zhang won the Best Photogenic Award; Joey Chen won the Best Creative Award; Yixin Yu and Claire Luo won the Best Popularity Award; and Angela Hsu won the Best Performance Award. The winners in U.S. Finals would receive the opportunity to participate in New York Fashion Week held in September 2022, recommendations to modeling agencies, endorsements from renowned fashion companies, and modeling performance opportunities in upcoming major events.

The full official list of this year’s competition winners will be posted on the East West Performing Arts Alliance’s official WeChat Account.