The Chadian Signing of a Peace Agreement in Doha

08/08/2022 07:21 PM EDT

Ned Price, Department Spokesperson

We commend the signing of the Peace Agreement in Doha and welcome this step toward reconciliation in Chad.  We acknowledge the role of the Government of Qatar, the Chadian transitional government, and political-military voices in this process, and encourage all Chadian groups to join in ensuring peace, prosperity, and stability.

This peace agreement is a significant development in Chad’s transitional period.  The United States stands with Chad as it coordinates a National Dialogue, revises its constitution, and organizes free and fair elections of a civilian-led government that are held on time and reflect the will of the people and consistent with the principles outlined in the African Union’s May 2021 Communique.

The U.S. government stands by the people of Chad as the next generation of leadership leverages the strengths of all voices to promote a durable peace.  We share optimism for a bright future, one that respects the dignity of all Chadians, and enables prosperity for generations to come.