Hahn Releases Statement on the SCAQMD Hearing Board’s Decision to Vote Down Sterigenics Order for Abatement

Los Angeles, CA— Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement after the South Coast Air Quality Management District Hearing Board voted down an Order of Abatement that would have allowed the Sterigenics facility in Vernon to continue emitting elevated levels of ethelyne oxide, a known human carcinogen:

“The deal that was before the South Coast AQMD Hearing Board today was weak. It would have allowed Sterigenics to continue business as usual and even increase their emissions of ethylene oxide.   I am glad the Hearing Board chose not to approve that deal and that several board members recognized that it wasn’t strong enough to protect public health.  But doing nothing is unacceptable.  This facility continues to emit dangerous levels of this carcinogen. I urge the South Coast AQMD Hearing Board to reconvene as quickly as possible and shut down this dangerous facility until they can lower their emissions to safe levels.”