The First Import Order of Linyi 9610 Cross-Border E-commerce Direct Purchase Was Successfully Cleared With The Help Of Tradeany

At10:00am on September6th,the first import order of Linyi9610cross-border e-commerce direct purchase was successfully cleared at the Linyi supervision station,which is also the first order of Linyi relying on Tradeany standardized tools to achieve”digital customs clearance”for cross-border e-commerce.

At the site of the first customs clearance,WangYinghai —Deputy Mayor of Linyi,Liu Guiqiang—a fourth-level investigator of the Linyi Municipal Government Office,Xu Yanjun—Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Linyi Customs,Zhang Qi—Deputy Director of Linyi Municipal Bureau of Commerce,Sun Wenping—Director of Linyi Customs Office,Tang Qi—Head of Foreign Trade Section of Linyi Commerce Bureau,Guo Wenchao—Head of Port Supervision Section of Linyi Customs Mall,Liu Bo—Deputy Secretary of Lanshan District Committee,Head of District Government,Director of Lanshan Mall Management Committee,Secretary of the Party Committee,Tian Zongchuan—Deputy Head of Lanshan District Government,Deputy Director of Lanshan Mall Management Committee,and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Li Bo—Director of Lanshan District Commerce Bureau,Yuan Chunshan—Chairman of Guohui Holding Group,Zhou Fengbin—Chairman of Lanshan District Finance Group,Li Changcheng—Party Secretary and Chairman of Linyi Mall Holding Group Co.,Ltd,Hao Qingshan—General Manager of Tradeany Bonded Business Department,Sun Chen—General Manager of Trend Business DepartmentfromYaowang Group,Qi Guoping—Chairman of Jingbao Technology(Zhejiang)Co,Ltd,Wang Po—CEO of Chudao Supply Chain Technology Co.,Ltd,Yu Mingdong—Deputy General Manager of Weihai Yunmeng E-Commerce Group Co.,Ltd,Huang Song—Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Zhongjiao Industrial Group Co.,Ltd,Lv Jingjing—general manager of Shandong Xingxing Network Technology Co.,Ltd,and the partner Guo Zhaoyang,Wang Hongwei—General Manager of Nick(Shandong)E-Commerce Co.,Ltd,together withother leading guests witnessedthe ceremony.

Under the guidelines of the”Three Wisdoms”forthe customs proposed by General Secretary Xi,Tradeany takes blockchain technology as its concept,and upgrades the software and hardware of the Linyi supervisionstation through standardized and digital methods to realize the opening of digital customs declaration channelwithtarget countries,improve the efficiency of customs channel business,reduce inspection operation costs and data error rates,and provide a more comprehensive regulatory basis for customs and other regulatory authorities to implement regulatory inspection operations more efficiently.

1:The supplier’s goods put into storage;2:Overseas warehouse packing operation;3:Goods arrive at the Chinese port;4:The port unloading operation;5:The customs transit vehicle arrives at the customs supervision place;6:Seal inspection at the customs supervision site;7:Unpacking by staff;8:Unloading by staff;9:Goods entering the waiting area

This batch of orders,about5,000orders,were placed and purchased by consumers through Zhijuge Global Preferred Platform.The wholly-owned subsidiary of Lanshan Finance Group,as the main body of the e-commerce enterprise,pushed the orders to the customs,and the TradeanySouth Korea International Service Station completed the overseas operations such asdisinfecting,packaging,veneer,booking and customs declaration.The goods were transported to the Chinese port by express ship from Incheon Port in South Korea,and the goods were transported to the Linyi supervisory station by customs supervision vehicles for disinfection and then cleared and released.

The9610direct purchase import,through the Tradeany three-wisdom model,realizes the digital customs clearance between Linyi and South Korea,realizes the digital closed-loop operation of Linyi9610cross-border e-commerce,realizes the interconnection and interconnection between more than ten links and roles in the whole chain with the information flow,logistics,capital flow and customs flow.At the same time,the full-link traceability of9610orders is realized,and the whole-process routing information including overseas suppliers,overseas warehouses,international logistics,domestic customs clearance,express delivery and consumer receipts can be traced and inquired anytime,anywhere.

   Liu Bo—Deputy Secretary of Lanshan District Committee,Head of District Government,Director of Lanshan Mall Management Committee,Secretary of the Party Committee,delivered a speech

“In the next step,Lanshan District will conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government,and with the care and support of Linyi Customs,take this customs clearance ceremony as an opportunity to further release policy vitality and actively integrate into the construction of Linyi’s national-level cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone,continue to play a leading role in policies,guide more foreign trade enterprises to develop cross-border e-commerce import and export business,and inject new vitality into the development of foreign trade.Further smooth logistics supply,set up overseas warehouses for cross-border e-commerce,plan to build cross-border e-commerce industrial parks,effectively improve the efficiency of customs clearance of cross-border e-commerce goods,and continuously build a foreign trade supply chain ecosystem.Further improve service guarantees,increase policy support,continue to optimize the business environment,and improve the competitiveness of local cross-border e-commerce and cross-border enterprises,to promote the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce”said Liu Bo,deputy secretary of the Lanshan District Committee and head of the district government.

Yuan Chunshan—Chairman of Guohui Holding Group,delivered a speech

Yuan Chunshan,Chairman of Guohui Holdings,said:”There are a large number of small,medium andmicro-sized e-commerce practitioners in China,and the development of third-party e-commerce platforms is restricted by factors such as capital,supply,logistics,technology,etc.,and the competition pressure is high.Many e-commerce sellers want to escape from the big platform and develop their own privatedomain e-commerce,but lack of a good business environment andcannot compete fairly with large platforms.With the opening of the import channel for direct purchase of cross-border e-commerce in Linyi and the location advantage of Linyi logistics distribution,it will provide national privatedomain e-commerce practitioners with national leading competitiveness and private domain e-commerce business environment.”

Xu Yanjun,—Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Linyi Customs,delivered a speech

“The9610trial order is a beneficial attempt for the localization development of cross-border e-commerce.The whole process relies on Tradeany digital tools to open up the digital customs declaration channel with South Korea and realize the interconnection of data throughout the whole process.It is the actual practice of building a digital mall.While supporting the development of cross-border e-commerce,the customs will further strengthen the supervision of imported commodities.Use blockchain technology to strengthen commodity traceability management and quality supervision in a standardized and digital way to ensure that consumers can buy assured imports Commodities,”said Xu Yanjun,Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Linyi Customs.

The Linyi Cross-border E-commerce Trade Mode Promotion Conference and the9610First Order Clearance Ceremony of Linyi Cross-border E-commerce Direct Purchase Imports were successfully completed.