Leaked Donor Memo & Common Sense Proves Anaheim Mayoral Candidate Trevor O’Neil is Already Running a Dishonest Campaign

Anaheim, CA – Trevor O’Neil, who is running for Mayor to succeed his close political ally – disgraced former Mayor Harry Sidhu – put out a press release yesterday with some remarkably untrue claims about his campaign. Here are the top three most ridiculous claims O’Neil makes:

Claim #1: O’Neil’s release states that he’s in the “leading position to win” the race for Anaheim Mayor according to a poll his campaign recently conducted. 

Truth: A leaked copy of O’Neil’s public poll memo, which he shared with plenty of people and interest groups throughout Anaheim, shows that O’Neil actually begins the race in 3rd place on the initial ballot test.

Claim #2: O’Neil’s release implies that he raised “$190,000 in just three weeks after entering the race for Mayor.”

Truth: That vast majority of that $190,000 was in his City Council account as of the June 30 fundraising deadline. O’Neil didn’t “raise” that money since entering the race, he transferred it.

Claim #3: O’Neil’s release claims that voters are more supportive of him after hearing about his handling of the FBI investigation into former Mayor Sidhu. (OMG – he really said that)

Truth: O’Neil admits to being a subject in the explosive FBI affidavit that was released earlier this year. He voted with Harry Sidhu to sell Angel Stadium and the land around it for a fraction of its value. He then vigorously defended the sale, even after the state deemed the sale to violate the law. O’Neil also voted with Harry Sidhu to not publicly release the stadium/land appraisal and to make City Council meetings less democratic. O’Neil attended “cabal” meetings detailed by the FBI and by all accounts was Sidhu’s closest political ally in the city.

Aitken is a former Federal Prosecutor who ran against Sidhu in 2018. She is widely recognized as the candidate for Mayor best positioned to bring about needed reforms at City Hall. In response to O’Neil’s claims, Aitken campaign spokesperson Derek Humphrey, released in following statement:

“Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil is a desperate and dishonest politician who has clearly learned nothing from the FBI corruption probe at Anaheim City Hall. Polling doesn’t show O’Neil to be the leading candidate for Mayor, he isn’t being honest about how much money he’s raised since entering the race, and he’s absolutely crazy if he thinks he can blame the failed stadium sale and FBI investigation on Ashleigh Aitken, who consistently opposed the stadium sale and accused Sidhu of corruption for years.”