Russian Authorities’ Ongoing Harassment of Aleksey Navalny

09/09/2022 07:21 PM EDT


Ned Price, Department Spokesperson

The United States is deeply concerned by the Russian Government’s escalating, arbitrary interference with Aleksey Navalny’s rights.  Prison authorities have interfered with Navalny’s preparation of his defense and ability to communicate freely with his counsel, including through supervision of his meetings and imposed delays in the exchanges of documents between Navalny and his lawyers.  This interference, along with his repeated diversion to solitary confinement for minor alleged infractions, is further evidence of politically motivated harassment.  His arrest upon return to Russia was already shameful, but the Russian Government’s insistence on harassing him further only highlights its insecurity and fear of those who speak the truth.  We once again join Navalny’s family, colleagues, and supporters around the world in calling for his immediate release.