Grand Opening of the Pomona Valley America’s Job Center of California

POMONA, CA – Today, the Los Angeles County Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) announced the grand opening of the Pomona Valley America’s Job Center of California (AJCC), now located at 1460 East Holt Avenue, Suite 130, Pomona, CA, 91767. This new location is centrally located within the heart of the Pomona community and is easily accessible and highly visible to the public. The Pomona Valley AJCC is part of LA County’s AJCC system, the region’s one-stop resource for employment, training, and business needs.

“As Supervisor for the First District, I’m committed to expanding comprehensive employment and training opportunities for residents seeking careers. I’m also pleased with the programs directed for our youth who need all the tools necessary to thrive economically,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “This AJCC in the heart of Pomona will equip them with a path to not only enter the workforce, but help the East San Gabriel Valley communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Our 19 local AJCCs are a critical part of the County’s growing emphasis on a more equitable workforce and inclusive economic mobility for all in LA County,” said Kelly LoBianco, Director of the newly created DEO. “The Pomona Valley AJCC brings together diverse partners and services, including the State Employment Development Department, Pomona Unified School District, vocational schools and more; expands access to critical countywide employment and training resources; and provides targeted services and initiatives to prepare youth, individuals experiencing homelessness, justice involved individuals, English language learners and many others for quality jobs and careers in high-growth and emerging sectors in Pomona Valley and beyond.”

“The establishment of the Pomona Valley AJCC in the prime location of Indian Hill guarantees the Pomona Valley communities with easy access to world-class education and training, and the resources to jumpstart a career pathway. For local businesses the AJCC is a source to finding a diverse and qualified talent pipeline. You cannot run a prosperous business without the people to do the work,” said Darrel Sauceda, Chair, Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board.

Our AJCCs serve 4 million residents, including adults, dislocated workers, and youth from 58 of the County’s 88 cities and 150 unincorporated areas. For workers, we offer in-person and virtual services, including recruitment, assessments, job preparation, job training, education support, financial literacy, career coaching, paid work experiences, supportive services, and job connections. For businesses, we offer recruitment, layoff aversion, hiring incentives and high road training partnerships. A key focus of our AJCCs is preparing individuals from priority populations, including justice-involved, individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income individuals, veterans, English language learners, individuals with disabilities, youth and others for quality jobs and careers with businesses in growth and emerging sectors.

The new Pomona Valley AJCC brings together diverse workforce, training, education, social service, and other partners to provide comprehensive services to residents and businesses.  Key onsite partners included the Employment Development Department, Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLADD), Pomona Unified School District, WIC, child development services, CHERP Solar Works, vocational schools, Union Station Homeless Services and God’s pantry. The AJCC will provide a variety of population-specific programs, such as:

  • Los Angeles Pomona Plus Collaborative: Targeted employment and training services specifically designed to help Spanish and Chinese speaking English language learners earn in-demand industry credentials, obtain work experience and gain sustained employment;
  • INVEST Program: Tailored employment and barrier mitigation services to help adult probationers’ reenter the workforce;
  • LA:RISE: Transitional subsidized employment, training, supportive services, and barrier mitigation services provided in collaboration with social enterprise agencies targeting individuals with homelessness experience;
  • Youth@Work Elevate: Paid work experience in high-growth and emerging sectors coupled with peer support networks and group mentoring for foster youth, individuals experiencing homelessness, LGBTQ+, and justice impacted youth, ages 17-24.

The Pomona Valley AJCC is located at 1460 East Holt Avenue, Suite 130, Pomona, CA, 91767. Find your closest AJCC by clicking here. All AJCC services are accessible through this website, by phone at (888) 226-6300, and via email at (for job seekers) or (for businesses).

The AJCCs, including the newly launched Pomona Valley AJCC, are part of the DEO, launched in July 2022 to unite the County’s workforce development programs and initiatives to increase self-sufficiency and mobility for workers, particularly individuals from historically marginalized communities and populations, while ensuring a thriving and inclusive local business community and economy. To learn more about the new DEO, visit or follow @EconOppLA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.