The ten-year relay inheritance of the USC Chinese student group to create a high-end social platform for students

LAPost/November 12, 2022 Los Angeles – SoCal Elite Connect, an annual social event for Chinese students in Southern California, hosted by the University of Southern California Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USC-CSSA) ), held on the evening of November 12 at the Conrad Los Angeles, a new artistic landmark with a particularly modern look in downtown Los Angeles, attracting nearly 300 international students from well-known universities in Southern California and newcomers to the workplace. Young people participated and had on-site exchanges with nearly 30 professionals from various industries, well-known bloggers, etc., to obtain professional knowledge and related industry status, prospects, and career development trends.

Wang Ruijun (3rd from left in the back row) welcomes the guests with the students at the check-in counter at the entrance

Wang Ruijun, director of the public relations department of the USC Chinese Students and Scholars Association and an international student from the School of Engineering, said, “As an annual brand event hosted by the USC Chinese Students and Scholars Association, this year is the tenth year. , we are committed to building a valuable social platform for all outstanding international students, and we have also witnessed the sincere smiles of many friends when they chatted their ideas with the guests at the reception.”

Fan Bojie, an international student from the School of Business, delivered a welcome speech to the guests on behalf of the CSSA PR Department

The “high-end” connotation of the reception is mainly: elite guests from various industries; many outstanding international students; formal dress code; places with historical significance and high reputation. Of course, the most practical professional content and strong professional network development are the “high-end” essence of the reception.

From left: Eric Fu, Lora Liao 劳拉学姐在LA, Chris Max 口语老炮儿马思瑞, Brian O’Shea 夏波波

Fu Jielun, founder of SJM Technology, and the company he founded after graduating from Harvard Law School currently has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and New York. He hosted interviews with his well-known influencers. According to the concerns of his classmates, he talked to Laura respectively proposed about how to decide to leave to become a full-time blogger; to Chris Max, how to monetize through traffic; to Brian O’Shea , he raised hot issues such as bloggers’ happiness.

Young magician and member of Hollywood Magic Castle (Hollywood Magic Castle) Wang Yuanjie (middle) performing magic tricks at the scene

A group photo of some of the guests present at the reception with the students from the public relations department that hosted the event

The guests invited by the Organizing Committee of the reception this year include: Yu Lun, Ph.D. from MIT, who was selected in the American Chinese Young Elite List (AACYF 30U30), Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Yuanxin Zhiyao; Ph.D. Zhang Jiachen from the California Air Resources Board; Lv Xudong, Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, researcher at Caltech, and partner of Taihill Venture; And the Italian mixed-race little brother, actor, food blogger, and one of the most popular crooked nuts on the Internet, Brian O’Shea; the most eloquent American in Beijing. Chris Max, the founder of “Spoken Language Old Cannon”, co-founder and CEO of Speak English; a wild English blogger who loves Rap, and Laura, a kind sister in the mouths of her classmates; Los Angeles Lakers courtside reporter, who has millions of fans Kuaishou basketball creator @小虎 Basketball said blogger Luo Ziqi; young magician, Hollywood Magic Castle member and guest performer Wang Yuanjie; interior designer Yang Dan, and the English “Los Angeles Post” director Ren Xiangdong and other nearly 30 people There are high-profile Chinese professional elites in the mainstream society.

From left: Zeng Tianci, Yu Lun, Zhang Jiachen, Lv Xudong, Hu Xuefeng, Qian Tianhui

Zeng Tianci, Zhao Haozhe, Hu Xuefeng, and Lu Yiwei, who were selected into the American Chinese Young Elite List; Qian Tianhui, Chairman of the Southwest Federation of Students, and Yang Fan, the representative of the Office of California Treasurer Fiona Ma, attended the reception that day.

Ren Xiangdong (Left 1)

Ren Xiangdong, director of the English-language Los Angeles Post, who has been a guest for eight consecutive years, said: There are many invitations for various events before the end of the year, but participating in this event is the first option. The brand of the reception can be quickly established within ten years, witnessing the leadership and planning ability of the organizers over the years. This reception has now become the most anticipated and rewarding social event for Chinese students in Southern California. “

Brian O’Shea (rear right 1)

Brian O’Shea ,a popular influencer who was enthusiastically sought after by his classmates, said excitedly, “I took about a thousand photos tonight, and it felt like a big fan meeting. I will come to this event next year.” 

Zhao Haozhe (Right 2)

Zhao Haozhe, head of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania (UP) Venture Capital Club, said that the USC CSSA event is too good. He has participated in many events hosted by international students at the University of Pennsylvania and New York, but it is possible to have events of this scale and level. , It’s the first time I’ve seen it, and I must like it.

Dr. Yu Lun ( Left 2)

Dr. Yu Lun, a guest who made a special trip from San Francisco to participate in the event, met relatives at the scene; international students from Inner Mongolia met fellow guests from Inner Mongolia through participating in the event; Lawrence from the New York Film Academy, with a pure Beijing accent, was excited to get to know the same “Crooked Nutella”. “The famous blogger.

Since its inception, this reception is hosted by the Public Department of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Southern California every year. From booking venues, inviting guests and collecting personal profiles and photos, finding sponsors, and wave after wave of publicity, students are introduced to the content of the event. , details, the list of invited guests and other constantly updated information.

USC Dental School professor and students of dentistry

Although the public relations department of the sorority changes its personnel every year, the new ministers of the public relations department are members of the public relations department in the previous term, and a good handover and inheritance mechanism has been established internally. The details need to be improved to provide more considerate and high-quality services for students.

The reception lasted three and a half hours, and almost no one left the venue. Finally, the students said goodbye reluctantly to the sound of the staff’s clearing notice. Some students who attended the reception said that they met many guests and friends at the scene, and joined the WeChat group including guests and classmates, which expanded their social circle a lot and gained a lot.