E-Pal · Hurun US Under30s 2022 Los Angeles announced

 Los Angeles (November 14, 2022) – Hurun Research Institute and E-Pal, a well-known game social platform headquartered in California, jointly released “E-Pal · Hurun US Under30s” at the well-known Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles on November 10. 2022″, at the summit awards dinner themed “Journey to the Future”, California Treasurer Fiona Ma delivered a keynote speech.

Hurun, chairman and chief research officer of Hurun Report, said in his speech at the dinner via video: “The influence of these young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 is astounding. The average size of their business is less than 100 million US dollars. If they can Having built businesses of this size before, imagine how big they can grow when they get to the age of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Hope this list inspires A generation of ambitious young entrepreneurs.”

California Treasurer Fiona Ma specifically mentioned in her keynote speech: “Brian Xiong, Yuzhe Norris Wang and Yuanzhe Li did just that. During our Pandemic, these three young talented men from Irvine, used our lockdown period to connect our young people to start EPAL, which has since grown exponentially to 1.5 million users and more than 50 employees.”

“I am very proud of our EPAL founders and it would be great if you three can encourage your customers to VOTE because our future depends on getting our next generation more engaged and activated if we are going to tackle our global climate crisis, meet our electric crisis vehicle goals in CA, lower the high costs of healthcare, solve our homeless problems and the list goes one.” Fiona Ma concluded.

Brian Xiong, the founder of E-Pal, a well-known game social platform that has grown rapidly and participated in this year’s summit, was selected for this year’s list of young elites. When speaking on behalf of the winners, he said: “Our original intention is to let others Life gets better. And giving everything we have to a cause we love Young friends can also encourage young entrepreneurs around the world.”

Brian Xiong (Middle)

Honghao Deng (Middle)

Bolin Chen (Middle)

According to reports, this is the first time the Hurun Research Institute has released the list, which lists 291 of the most outstanding young entrepreneurs aged 30 and below from the United States (including Canada). Among the list, the most famous are the founders of food delivery platform DoorDash, Andy Fang and Stanley Tang, both of Chinese descent. The company currently has a market value of $18 billion. Many outstanding entrepreneurs of Chinese descent and international students have become the highlights of this year’s list. Deng Honghao, who started a business in Silicon Valley, has grown against the trend this year and now has nearly 70 employees. Chen Bolin, an international student from Chongqing who is a fourth-year student at the University of Michigan, initiated the establishment of the UFA Sino-American University Finance Association. The financial competition organized by the association has attracted more than 6,000 contestants from more than 100 well-known universities around the world.

From left: Zeng Tianci,  Brian O’Shea 夏波波, Lora Liao 劳拉学姐在LA , Eric Fu, Zhang Wanying (young entrepreneur)

Attending the summit on that day included Man Jianying, Rong Ruotian, Zeng Tianci, Zhao Haozhe, Lu Yiwei, Li Lifeng, Wang Zi, Li Shiqi, Feng Zhirui, Song Feitong, and He Ruohang from Michigan, who had been selected for the list of Chinese young elites in the United States. Young entrepreneurs, young entrepreneur Eric Fu from New York, led the well-known bloggers Brian O’Shea, Chris Max, Lora Liao, as well as the well-known blogger and young magician Wang Yuanjie, which were warmly sought after by the guests. RealHype, which is engaged in the cross-border business of brands, and Li Ka-shing, a young entrepreneur from the Bay Area, hosted exchange receptions before and after the summit.

The summit with the theme of “Journey to the Future” was co-hosted by the game social platform E-Pal. The business summit forum on that day included Web3.0, female leadership, Internet celebrity economy and other sections. Attracting the participation of many outstanding young entrepreneurs and professionals, nearly 500 guests from Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, Canada and other places attended the dinner that day.