2022 “Southern California Chinese Community Top Ten Cultural and Art Activities” list unveiled

Los Angeles, CA (LAPost /December 27, 2022) – Chinese-American NGO Research Association, North American Chinese New Media Poll Center, “The Los Angeles Post” jointly announced the “2022 “Southern California Chinese Community Top Ten Cultural and Art Activities” list on December 27. The results of the first selection of “Cultural and Art Activities”. The selection results are based on professional polls, focusing on the content radiation, influence and media attention of activities and news events; combined with comprehensive statistical methods such as online search rate rankings, social media traffic and voice value.

This is the first selection result of the “Top Ten Cultural and Art Activities in Southern California Chinese Community” released by relevant organizations. The selection process is independent and there is no prior contact with the relevant organizations and people in the selection results. The selection results are released in both Chinese and English versions.

The selection agency stated that the number of cultural and artistic activities sponsored and led by Chinese American in Southern California is increasing. It is hoped that this selection can encourage Chinese to conduct more cultural exchanges with the local mainstream society through high-quality cultural, artistic and sports activities; At the same time, the Chinese community is encouraged to make active attempts in the inheritance, dissemination, and innovation of Chinese culture to achieve a virtuous circle of sustainable development. Empowering the art and cultural activities of the Chinese community, will continue to double the volume and influence of the activities.

The selection agency pointed out that from the results of the selection, it can be found that the cultural and artistic (including sports) activities of the Chinese community in Southern California are in a diversified trend, from the planning, scale, grade, creativity, and form of various activities to the professionalism of various activity themes. Level; in line with the era of digital civilization, from the new interpretation of Chinese culture to the bold attempt to integrate culture with technology, it shows the surprising new culture and new phenomenon of the Chinese community.

In chronological order, the “Southern California Chinese Community Top Ten Cultural and Art Activities” are as follows:

1. The 2nd CCTV Global Aihua Spring Festival Gala and American Chinese Spring Festival Gala jointly hosted by the All American Chinese Association, the American Southwest Chamber of Commerce USA and more than 70 overseas Chinese groups. The party was held at the San Gabriel on the evening of January 29th. It is the most watched show in the Spring Festival Gala series of “Welcome to the Winter Olympics” in Southern California.

2. The 30th anniversary celebration of the Los Angeles Chinese Writers Association was held in Los Angeles on February 15. Since its establishment, the Los Angeles Chinese Writers Association has continued to grow and develop, with a large number of talents, and many outstanding writers and works have emerged. They have received extensive attention from Chinese literature researchers at home and abroad, and have become an important platform for overseas literary creation. It is called an overseas literary phenomenon. It is one of the examples of North American literary societies. Tie Ning, chairwoman of the Chinese Writers Association, fully affirmed the achievements of the association in the past 30 years in the congratulatory letter, and felt sincerely proud of the achievements of the association.

3. The United States Table Tennis Association and the All American Chinese Association jointly hosted the Table Tennis Invitational Tournament and Awards Dinner on March 20. Experts from the American Youth Team, Chinese Table Tennis Club, the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, overseas students, and the South China Association, exchanged ideas and exchanged ideas, and reviewed the history of “small balls promote big balls” 50 years ago with American and Chinese politicians and people from all walks of life in the community , expressing concern and expectations for Sino-US relations. Zhang Ping, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, and Virginia Sung, CEO of the United States Table Tennis Association kicked off the series of commemorative activities with a mixed doubles match. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, delivered a speech at the forum through video.

4. On the evening of April 17th, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) held a “Restart • As Ever” Chinese Culture Night Series. Through the “classic tradition; recognizable combination of classic and modern; modern and future with distinctive contemporary elements” and the art show composed of three major sections, as well as the art exhibition of works created by overseas students, the Chinese culture is presented in a perfect youthful version. explain.

5. During the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Chinese American Museum held “An Untold Past: Chinese in Los Angeles” live and video seminar on May 17 to explore the non-traditional stories of the Chinese community in Los Angeles. A series of events launched for the Chinese American Museum to tell the history of the Chinese diaspora in the United States and around the world. On August 13 (Saturday), the Chinese American Museum held a ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion project, marking the official start of the expansion project of its exhibition hall. Congresswoman Judy Chu attended and donated a total of US$375,000 to the expansion project together with her younger brother Dean J. Chu.

6. The Chinese American Foundation and the Chinese American Federation launched the first series of columns “Our Story” during the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and anti-discrimination such as “Anti-discrimination Rights Protection/Asian History/Chinese Culture/Youth Program” , Protection of rights and interests, and cultural inheritance series of columns and activities, share the contribution of Asian groups to society in various fields and the spirit of unremitting efforts in the way of telling good stories; in the way of telling good stories, advocate the society to accept and tolerate diversity The importance of culture and cultural heritage.

7. On November 7th, the online art space of Li Tang Gallery launched the “Portrait” International Art Review Exhibition. This exhibition is a 3D virtual art exhibition launched by Li Tang Gallery. Jointly supported by the All-American Chinese Youth Federation and Art America China Project; and supported by the Los Angeles Post and other media. The selection received a total of 1,965 submissions of works of art and projects from countries and regions including the United States, China, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and Croatia. The theme of this exhibition “Portrait” is an exploration of self, possessiveness and life in today’s social context under the open creative medium. From the traditional easel creation to the expression of contemporary new materials and media, artists from all over the world express their unique views in different cultural backgrounds. It is the largest and most influential international art group exhibition of its kind this year.

8. The large-scale documentary “Ice World” led by Los Angeles-based Chinese filmmaker Qi Binying, with a true record of the four-year-long construction of an ice city by tens of thousands of migrant workers in Harbin, China, was held in fierce competition on November 13. Standing out from the crowd, won the “Los Angeles Asian Film Awards” Best Feature Documentary Jury Prize. The film won the best feature-length documentary award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, the Hollywood Independent Film Festival and the Cannes Independent Film Festival in France this year.

9. On December 11, the Southern California Youyou Theater Company launched two performances of the nation’s first immersive musical “Wake Up Dream” in Alhambra. This is a thought-provoking song and dance drama that gathers more than 40 professional dancers, singers, actors and other Chinese art workers, presenting an unprecedented philosophical discussion. Starting from the theme of Zhuang Zhou’s dream of butterflies, travel through ancient and modern times from the perspective of the butterfly in Zhuang Zi’s dream, from the Warring States Period in 400 BC to the contemporary society in 2022 from the vertical and horizontal perspectives, and show the characteristics and characteristics of human nature with Eastern and Western historical figures in different periods and regions. commonality. There are more than 20 scenes in the whole play. Using the design of the venue and the driving force of the actors, the audience is immersed in the unique three-dimensional space of “waking and dreaming”.

10. The 25th anniversary concert of the Los Angeles Chinese Musicians Ensemble Chorus was held on December 18 at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. It is a rare high-level large-scale concert in the Chinese community in recent years. Over the past 25 years, the Los Angeles Chinese Musicians Ensemble Chorus has participated in or hosted more than 100 performances of various types and scales, performed more than 300 classic pieces, promoted and disseminated the excellent traditional Chinese culture in the form of chorus, and gained recognition from the Chinese community and mainstream society. highly rated. (Richard Ren)