Google launches AI tool Bard

Google on Monday unveiled a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Bard, its rival product to the increasingly popular ChatGPT tool.


With Bard, individuals can “simplify complex topics” by using the AI tool to get highly detailed responses to queries. For example, a user can ask Bard to explain discoveries from a NASA telescope to a 9-year-old, according to Google’s blog post.


The release of Bard comes after competitor Microsoft announced a multibillion-dollar investment into OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool.

  • The feature will be opened up to a group of “trusted testers” and made “more widely available” to the public “in the coming weeks,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in the blog post.
  • The tech giant is looking to introduce more AI-powered tools across its search function, in addition to Bard, which is powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications, or LaMDA.