Truth about explosions at Nord Stream Pipelines must be made public

People’s Daily Quick News Review


The explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines, which once shocked the whole world, made a bigger headline on Feb. 8.

Renowned American journalist Seymour Hersh, who covered the Watergate scandal, said on the U.S. portal Substack that last June, U.S. Navy divers planted the remotely triggered explosives under the cover of a NATO military exercise, which destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines three months later. According to Hersh, the explosives were triggered by a sonar buoy dropped by a plane of the Norwegian navy.


People’s Daily Quick News Review noted that Hersh’s article exposes two important factors about the explosions – motivation and capability. With detailed materials and complete evidence, it reveals Washington’s decision to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines, how the U.S. managed to cover the truth, and how “highly skilled deep-water divers” executed the explosions.

People’s Daily Quick News Review believes that the article has triggered worldwide questions for the U.S.

Sabotage and attacks on vital civil infrastructure are dangerous practices of a terrorist nature, which is equivalent to waging a war against European countries and not acceptable for every person that expects a peaceful life on this planet.

The countries involved should maintain a high level of concern, invest important resources in it, and reactivate the investigation mechanism led by the United Nations to find the ultimate truth.