Stand with Asian Americans: Rep. Gooden’s Comments Create Serious Threat to Our Community

Feb. 25, 2023 (February 25, 2023)  — In an appearance on Fox News this week, Rep. Lance Gooden (TX-05) questioned Rep. Judy Chu’s loyalty to the United States and trustworthiness.

The following statement is attributable to Justin Zhu, co-founder of Stand with Asian Americans:

“Rep. Gooden is creating a very real, very serious threat to Asian Americans. It has barely been three years since politicians began casting suspicion on Asian Americans for the pandemic, which led to a horrifying rise in attacks on our community. Words — especially the words of elected leaders — can and do lead to anti-Asian hate. With his comments casting suspicion on Rep. Chu because she’s Asian American of Chinese descent, Rep. Gooden is callously putting Asian American lives at risk.


“Rep. Gooden’s comments come in the context of a frightening new Texas bill (SB 147) that would ban people holding citizenship from China, Iran, North Korea or Russia from buying property. Our community is rightfully afraid. If our leaders care about the safety of Asian Americans, they must not only denounce Rep. Gooden’s comments, but put a stop to anti-Asian hate in politics.”

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