UCA Community Fund (UCACF) to Host First Fundraising Gala on March 25, 2023

Boston, Massachusetts (February 26, 2023) – UCA Community Fund (UCACF) is proud to announce its first fundraising gala on March 25, 2023, to support the Chinese American community throughout the United States. UCACF is a non-profit organization affiliated with United Chinese Americans (UCA), committed to providing microgrants of "seed money" to startup charitable community projects that promote civic engagement, public education, cultural heritage sharing, youth development, and better understanding between the people of the United States and China.

UCACF’s founding Board of Trustees, including Gene Chang, Edward Lee, Neville Lin, Seamon Chan, Charles Tsui, Qian Ge, Gary Yu, and Sophia Li, met on February 24, 2023, to discuss the progress of the fundraising gala and how to improve UCACF’s reach in the Chinese American community across the nation. The gala will feature a buffet-style dinner, traditional Chinese dance and music performances, and an auction of artwork from renowned artists. Lucky draw tickets will also be sold to raise money for our microgrant program.

“We are excited to hold our inaugural fundraising gala and showcase how our microgrants can make a difference in the Chinese American community," said Gene Chang, Chairman of UCACF. “Our first fundraising gala is an important step toward achieving our mission and providing seed funding for charitable community projects.”

UCACF’s microgrants range from $500 to $5,000, and we welcome grant applications from qualified startup projects sponsored by local Chinese American community organizations across the country. Our application process is simple and user-friendly, with easy-to-understand guidelines and quick response times from our team of volunteers. By working with grassroot community organizations, we hope to enable them to develop more charitable projects and programs that will uphold the rights of Chinese Americans, enrich the lives of Chinese communities, and increase the influence of Chinese Americans in mainstream society.

Since the “test launch” of UCACF’s microgrant program in July last year, we have raised more than $70,000, received more than 30 applications, conducted five rounds of reviews, and awarded microgrants of $30,300 in total to 10 projects. Our goal is to offer an accessible funding solution for Chinese American community organizations and drive more charitable donations and public investment in the Chinese American community.

“We believe that our microgrants can have a significant impact, driving more charitable donations and public investment in the Chinese American community,” said Edward Lee, Vice Chairman of UCACF. ” We welcome more local Chinese American community organizations to submit applications and join us in our efforts to support the community.”

For more information about UCACF’s microgrant program or the fundraising gala, please visit website at https://ucacf.org/.