Statement from FCAM Regarding Texas Rep. Lance Gooden

The Friends of the Chinese American Museum strongly condemns the unfounded and racist accusations made recently by Texas Rep. Lance Gooden, defaming Congressmember Judy Chu and AAPI civic leader Mr. Dominic Ng. 
The Friends of the Chinese American Museum is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the preservation and education of the history of the Chinese in America. These experiences include, but are not limited to, the contributions and sacrifices of our ancestors who played significant roles in the building of this great country called the United States. From the 1800s to the present, Chinese Americans have contributed to the infrastructure of the country by building its railroads, reclaiming valuable farmland, discovering countless medical breakthroughs, leading the U.S. in its space race, and helping to establish the nation’s economic infrastructure. We also want to point out that Chinese Americans have loyally fought in every war that the United States has engaged in, starting with the Civil War in 1861. 
Questioning the loyalty and competence of these exemplary Americans is xenophobic and racist! Rep. Chu has served in Congress for 14 years and in public service for over 35 years. She has earned the trust of her constituents, as well as her colleagues. Rep. Gooden’s comments will continue to add fuel to the escalating racist hatred that continues to target Asian Americans and other endangered groups.
Furthermore, the loyalty of Mr. Ng is also being questioned by Rep. Gooden who wants him investigated for possible violations of the Espionage Act. Mr. Ng’s credentials are impeccable. He is a widely respected businessman who is the CEO and president of the East West Bank. The Bank was founded 50 years ago at a time when racist practices denied Chinese Americans from obtaining mortgages and loans from traditional banks. Since then, Mr. Ng has successfully led East West Bank’s growth to become one of the prominent American banks and a principal American financial institution in international trade essential to a strong American economy. His life’s work has continued to exemplify ethical practices and fairness in the U.S. banking system. For this and other reasons, Mr. Ng is President Biden’s appointee to Chair the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council. In this confirmation process, Mr. Ng will be thoroughly vetted. 
Rep. Gooden’s rhetoric based solely on Rep. Chu’s and Mr. Ng’s ethnicity and calls to mind the unconscionable and unjust incarceration of 120,000 innocent persons of Japanese ancestry during World War II when our nation did not and could not differentiate the Japanese nationals from the Japanese Americans. Congressmember Chu was born and raised in the United States. She is a native born Chinese American. Rep. Chu’s father was a WWII veteran and a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal for acts of valor.
Mr. Ng is an American citizen who is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for his leadership in the banking field and for his philanthropy in promoting cross cultural understanding.  
The Friends of the Chinese American Museum demands that Rep. Gooden immediately issue a public apology to Congressmember Chu and Mr. Dominic Ng. We also call upon Congress to affirm American fundamental values by censuring him for his false allegations. To question the loyalty of these two exemplary and loyal Americans without basis or evidence is an affront to them and to the accuracy of history.
-Friends of the Chinese American Museum Board of Directors