Councilwoman Traci Park Takes Action to Help Veterans Access Housing

Traci Park’s efforts to support veterans results in expanded eligibility for housing

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 22, 2023) -At least six senior veterans living in tiny homes on the West Los Angeles VA campus, and possibly more in other parts of the city, now have access to permanent housing thanks to a motion led by Councilwoman Traci Park and Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky.


The action, which the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed on Wednesday, addresses a bureaucratic obstacle that had disqualified certain veterans, in spite of being homeless from receiving housing as a result of their benefits exceeding the income restrictions for certain units.


“This is a significant step towards ensuring our veterans have access to the support they need and deserve,” said councilwoman Park. “This change fills a critical gap, ensuring that senior veterans who are currently living in tiny homes in our district will move into housing because of this amendment.”


By increasing income limits to account for veteran benefits, Wednesday’s action will allow more veterans to access desperately needed housing and services


“The motion approved by the City Council will go a long way to ensuring that our most disabled Veterans can obtain permanent housing in HHH funded projects throughout the city and more specifically on West LA VA property,” said Dr. Steven Braverman, the Executive Director of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. “ We appreciate the efforts of Councilmembers Park and Yaroslavsky to present this motion for passage by the City Council.”


Park became aware of these barriers at the opening of Building 207, a new permanent supportive housing project at the VA for 59 unhoused and at-risk veterans. After learning of this issue, Park and her team worked closely with the Housing Department, VA and Housing Providers to resolve the issue.


“These veterans impacted are 100 percent disabled and 100 percent service-connected to the VA, and they are the very people who will benefit the most from living on campus, close to the VA hospital,” said Park. “Today’s motion showed that we cannot let bureaucratic technicalities bar veterans who gave everything to serve our nation from the opportunity to have a safe and stable home.”


The item now goes to the mayor for her signature.