Councilwoman Traci Park Advocates for Mental Health Access with Proposed State Bill

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 23, 2023)  – Councilwoman Traci Park presented a resolution Wednesday to the Los Angeles City Council to support a state bill proposed by State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman that could expand access to mental health treatment. 


“This resolution demonstrates our commitment to the mental health crisis and the urgent need to address it,” said Councilwoman Park.  “I applaud State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman for introducing this important legislation and hope that it will pass with widespread support.”


 Senate Bill 43 (SB 43) proposes to broaden the definition of “gravely disabled” to include conditions that will result in substantial risk of serious harm to the physical or mental health of an individual due to a mental health disorder or substance use disorder. This new definition includes causing significant deterioration, debilitation, or illness due to a person’s inability to carry out personal or medical care and self-protection.


Park emphasized that expanding the definition would increase help for a significant number of individuals in her district who suffer from mental illnesses and require mental health assistance.


“Our responsibility is to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals on our streets receive necessary care and support. Expanding the definition of “gravely disabled” will further connect people in need with access to suitable care.”