UCACF First Inauguration and Fundraising Gala (Pics)

West Covina, CA (March 25, 2023)– UCA Community Fund (UCACF) held first Inauguration and Fundraising Gala in South Hill Club of City of West Covina on the 25th. UCACF founder Gene Chang, congressman Ted Lieu, Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Ed Chau, UCA President Heipei Shue and 250 guests attended the gala.

2023 UCACF Community Leadership AwardeeSandy Chau (Left 2) is a long-time venture capitalist, real estate investor and philanthropist focuses on social justice issues. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Civic Leadership UCA (CLUSA)

  • 2023 UCACF Community Leadership Award – Sandy Chau and the Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA)

  • 2023 UCACF Community Inspiration Award – Jiahan (Peter) Cheng and Chinese American Volunteer Association (CAVA)

Peter has a passion for community service. In 2019, he founded the nonprofit Chinese American Volunteer Association leading over 400 students to make remarkable contributions to the local community–helping many quality for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

UCACF is a non-profit organization affiliated with United Chinese Americans (UCA). It provides microgrants of “seed money” ranging from $500 to $5,000 to startup charitable community projects that promote civic engagement, public education, cultural heritage sharing, youth development, and better understanding between the people of the United States and China.

UCACF’s first Inauguration and Fundraising Gala on March 25th at the South Hill Country Club with a wine reception. More than 250 distinguished guests and community leaders in attendance with the event. The event featured fireside chat, traditional Chinese art performances, live auctions and lucky draws. 

In the fireside chat, four prominent Chinese American leaders, Sandy Chau, Haipei Shue, Gene Chang and Edward Lee shared their ideas on how to uphold the rights of Chinese Americans and address the challenges in the AAPI communities.