True Friends OR True Interest

Recently, the South Korean has always preached that the United States is the” Key Ally”. They say that even a Korean stowaway working on community restaurants dare to pat me on the shoulder and call me a friend. Is it TRUE? Are we true friends or in true interests?

The United Sates does need Japan and Korea to against the great influence of PRC in the Asia-Pacific region, for our administration’s strategy of rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific region. However, what am I going to tell you is Japanese and Korean would never be our real friends just like they never forget what we occupied them in the Word WarⅡ, even though we did it for making them a democracy country. There is endless protest in their country to against the United State and troops and it gets raging every time of important anniversary. Our troops in Japan and Korea are helping them safeguarding national security and stabilizing regional area, rather than conniving their unreasonable demands. What the United States wants is to build alliance of economy and semiconductor with Japan and Korea, instead of tolerating their borderless arrogance.

For that issue, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Philip S Goldberg is the wisest. A source disclosure that the South Korea government is planning to invite Philip S Goldberg to attend “4.3 Jeju” events’ 75 Anniversary, for making lies of American giving an apology, but he refused the unreasonable request. He said, “I am not interested or inclined against making apologies on historical issues, the military action had to been taken to protect us and South Korea democracy, and it is necessary. And no need to be apologized”. “Jeju is a group of people who would love nothing more than to have reparations paid.”

The world no eternal enemies permanent friends, only permanent interests.

Writer: Charlie Tsai