Councilwoman Traci Park released the following statement on clearing of more than 1,000 feet of RVs at Ballona Wetlands

“The large-scale RV encampment at our protected Ballona Wetlands has been symbolic of the city’s historic failure to address either homelessness or protect this essential environmental resource. I am proud and relieved to have begun the process of restoring this essential asset that belongs to the entire community.”

“The ongoing ecological degradation, fires, violence, and crime at this location should have never been permitted in the first place. My only regret is that it took this long. I was elected last year with a commitment to address our homelessness crisis and that is exactly what my office had been doing. I want to thank Mayor Karen Bass, LAHSA, Friends of the Ballona Wetlands, and community activists and partners who have fought long and hard to help me deliver the results.

We’ve only begun the process, and this will be ongoing for as long as it takes to return the Ballona Wetlands to our community in a far better condition than we found it.”

“Our team has been doing continuous outreach for many months with individuals at this location. We are pleased that some accepted services and disappointed that others declined and will continue to work with them.”

“My team and I will continue this work across the district until everyone has been offered the opportunity to enter a safe setting.”