Introduce of film Mad Scientists: A.I. Maxima

Los Angeles, Ca (September 13, 2023) A global consortium of esteemed scientists and journalists is extended an exclusive invitation to partake in a pioneering symposium hosted within an overlooked foreign nation. Despite initial expectations of discussing synthetic intelligence, their genetic material is clandestinely replicated by an intricately advanced humanoid A.I. device created by the nation’s brilliant innovator. To escape confinement, the group resorts to manipulating and reprogramming the existing robotic entities from the laboratory. Nevertheless, the ultimate outcome remains cloaked in mystery, as the A.I. creation named Maxima exceeds the boundaries of human imagination, far surpassing any previous notions of technological progress.

After receiving positive feedback on the initial trailer for “Mad Scientists,” the production team has crafted a fresh narrative centered around brilliant yet deranged scientists and artificially engineered robotic entities. The team believes this cinematic venture will wield substantial influence on humanity, providing a platform to address a pertinent modern concern: the relentless advancement of irrational artificial intelligence juxtaposed with the enduring existence of organic human life. Notably, the film draws inspiration from a true story that unfolded in 2019 when a group of international blockchain experts and scientists journeyed to North Korea for a seminar. The unresolved tension between the East and West over the past five decades serves as a backdrop.

This film conveys a crucial message—beyond humans, the universe harbors more perilous entities. The narrative underscores that no matter how powerful an individual becomes, if we do not unite, other species or creatures on Earth could potentially replace us. It’s a poignant reminder that our collective unity is essential for our continued existence and prominence on this planet.

This remarkable film is the result of collaboration among a distinguished group of elite scientists and creators. Executive produced by Dr. Lei Xu, directed by award winning filmmaker Antonia Tong, the movie features standout performances, with”Best Runway” winner of International Male Model Competition Elijah van Zaten portraying the main character, Ezra, and Dr. Tala Golzar taking on the role of the robotic entity, Karma. Dr. Ning Wang, a real senior scientist working in pharma, portrays the Asian American scientist, while Stephanie X. Wang, a student from Stanford University Online High School, brilliantly takes on the role of A.I. Maxima. The most beautiful Filipina award winner, Arya Fong, impressively brings the character of robot Iza – an accompanying bot rapidly developed in Asia – to life.

The film boasts a cast and crew brimming with talent. Even the characters and poster design bear the mark of excellence, thanks to the creative touch of Ian Dorian, former art professor from Kean University, Maryland Institute College of Art, former Marvel and DC illustrator, and former Warner Brothers character and poster designer. Production is overseen by multiple esteemed Academy members, Darryl Marshak, the former agent of Leonardo DiCaprio; Lawrence Foldes, multiple international awards film director. This collaboration ensures that the film is not only thought-provoking but also visually captivating and artistically engaging. 

Mad Scientists: A.I. Maxima will be screening at the classic Laemmle Monica Film Center from September 15 to 21, 2023. You can find the showtimes and ticket information at this link: