AAPI Victory Alliance Announcement of Partnership with Emerging Voters

WASHINGTON — Today, AAPI Victory Alliance (AAPI VA) issued a statement to announce its upcoming strategic partnership with Emerging Voters, a 501(c)4 organization dedicated to advancing the civic engagement of AAPI voters and promoting the welfare of the AAPI community.
AAPI Victory Alliance Board Chair Katie Kalvoda issued the following statement:
“Today, I am thrilled to announce AAPI Victory Alliance’s upcoming partnership with Emerging Voters, an organization that aligns with the core values and functions of AAPI Victory Alliance. I believe that the integration of our two organizations will serve to strengthen the AAPI community and allow us to build power in a more effective and meaningful way. The addition of Ning and Bill to our Board will also expand our strategic thought leadership. “
“I am particularly thrilled about Emerging Voters’ focus on community engagement and work at the state-level, complementing AAPI Victory Alliance’s own strategy. It’s imperative that we continue building the pipeline of future leaders by focusing on candidates at the state and local levels, where we continue to be underrepresented. “
“We at AAPI Victory Alliance know that investment in AAPI communities is subpar and not well understood given the multitude of sub-ethnicities, languages and experiences our diverse communities represent. Our hope is that this merger will allow donors to see the value of supporting a national organization with a 50-state strategy to increase turnout in AAPI communities across the country.”
AAPI Victory Alliance Vice Chair Luisa Blue issued the following statement:
“I am so excited about this unique partnership opportunity with Emerging Voters. I know it will help us fill crucial gaps in Chinese and Korean in-language work and allow us to better communicate, drive votes and achieve electoral victories.”
Emerging Voters Chair Ning Mosgerber-Tang issued the following statement:
“I am very excited about the new partnership between AAPI Victory Alliance and Emerging Voters. Our two organizations share a common mission of power-building for the AAPI community. By combining our tactics and resources, we will increase our efficiency and effectiveness. We will work with a network of state-based grassroots AAPI organizations to mobilize and engage AAPI communities, communicate with sub-ethnic AAPI groups through value-based, in-language messaging, build a deep bench of AAPI political leaders by engaging in state legislative races, and advocate for a broad range of issues concerning the AAPI community, including democracy, climate, and equity. Together, we will keep fighting to uplift and empower all our communities. I am confident this will be a seamless integration, and I know it will prove to be a valuable and long lasting partnership.”
Emerging Voters Board Member Bill Wong issued the following statement:
“There are many reasons why I am thrilled to join the AAPI Victory Alliance Board. I believe this strategic alignment will allow us to better focus limited resources available to AAPI communities. More importantly, the focus of our combined organization working in partnership with other national and state-based organizations is a winning formula for success. This partnership will allow us to focus our footprint on a slate of state-level candidate endorsements and geographic strategies for future elections.”