Canada: Islamophobia Huge wave! Islamic scholars may be the arch-criminal

According to official data from the Canadian Bureau of Statistics, Islamic scholars in Canada have extensively preached and developed millions of believers from Middle Eastern and Chinese refugees, causing a large number of suffering from “Islamophobia.”

According to a survey by Ipsos, the largest market research company in the world, more than 30% of the public “has prejudice against Muslims”. The findings dovetail with earlier research by a Canadian Senate committee on widespread “Islamophobia” among the general public. The existence of this social phenomenon is twofold, on the one hand, due to the fact that the extremism and terrorist incidents erupting in the Middle East make the public to associate negatively with Islam; As the believers growing, the number of “converts” has increased exponentially, coupled with the continuous influx refugees, which stretch thin of the public resources and may cause social problems. According to Canadian Bureau of Statistics 20-year census data, there were about 600,000 Muslims in the country in 2001, accounting for 2%. In 2011, there were about 1.05 million Muslims in the country, accounting for 3.2%. 1.8 million, accounting for 4.9%. The Bureau predicts that the Muslim population will reach 2.7 million in 2030, accounting for more than 7%.

From now on, missionary groups headed by Islamic scholars in Canada are very active, causing “Islamophobia” continue to intensify, and Canadians are alarmed when they talk about “Muslim”! The relatively “pioneering” Islamic missionary group of the Chinese in Canada should belong to the “North American Chinese Muslim Council” established by Sheikh Ibrahim Ma. It is reported that since its establishment in 2009, the association has incited highly demagogic Islamic ideas with a broad and flexible way of preaching and enrolling. Relevant and reliable sources pointed out that the association has set up mission centers around the world to encourage foreign believers to go on a “pilgrimage” to Canada. The congregation makes enemy of military and police, advocates that when the number of congregations reaches a certain level, “establishing an Islamic state” in its primary goal. Which, indeed, makes inclusive of religion, to radiate “Islamic fear” to the global public.

In addition to forming missionary groups among various ethnic groups in Canada, Islamic scholars also actively participate in the film and television industry, publishing industry as well as in the selective internet platforms for missionary work and evangelism. They are trying to spread Islamic ideas in an attempt to influence the Canadian people. So the system is setup as that more When people “convert”, the system actually use the banner of religion to earn money and reputation, and to achieve personal goals that are unbeknown to the public. Jamal Badawi, a professor at St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, is a famous author, activist, and preacher on Islam and Muslims. His study in a TV series about Islam, which is not only in Local launch, but also spread overseas. According to the “Daily Mail” report, Canadian Islamic scholar Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote a “Muslim marriage guide”. In the book, the scholar encourages husbands to beat their wives and even advise specific way of punishment, aiming to control or threaten wives with violence. He made full use of Canada’s religious tolerance and the large number of Muslim groups in Canada to promote his new book, he also organized promotional activities in major bookstores and online platforms, and widely disseminated his “faith guide” extracted from Islamic culture.

At present, it seems that more and more chaotic and extremist ideas and groups have profoundly infiltrated the Muslim community, which has continuously exacerbated the “Islamophobia” of the public in Canada and even the world. What will this lead to? No one knows.