US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce hosts “Ten Cities Linked to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival”

Newport Beach, CA (LAPost September 30, 2023) – The “Ten Cities Jointly Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival” hosted by the US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce is held across China and the United States. The theme of this event is “The moon is brighter than the Mid-Autumn Festival. “Overseas travelers miss their loved ones more than ever”, the main event was a luxury cruise ship at Newport Beach in Los Angeles, City Cruises grandly set sail on September 30. 430 guests from all walks of life attended the event, including elected officials, leaders of the Southern California Overseas Chinese Association, members of the National Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs, members of the Youth Committee and international students.

U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu and California state treasurer Fiona Ma sent blessing videos. State Assembly member Mike Fang entrusted representatives to present certificates to the six organizers of the party. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ed Chau delivered a speech for the party.

Lin Guang, President of the US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce, said in his speech: “The first purpose of this event is to create an artistic conception and relieve the homesickness of our overseas tourists. The second purpose is to allow the younger generation overseas to inherit Chinese culture and let them firmly Remember that the Yanhuang gene is flowing in your blood.”

President Lin Guang introduced that while inheriting traditional culture, we should not forget to develop the economy. The Internet Celebrity Economic Alliance established this year held an inauguration ceremony at today’s event. He said, “Economic development and cultural dissemination are inseparable from media promotion. The US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce and the American Chinese Associated Press have obtained the exclusive operation and promotion rights of “Chinese Headlines”, injecting fresh power into the improvement of Los Angeles’ news front and cultural garden. , the unveiling ceremony was held at the event today.”

During the day’s event, the Youth Committee of the US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with SWCSSA and other institutions.

The event also held cultural and artistic performances to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, including guzheng “Water Melody Songtou”, Youth Dance, famous ethnic musical instrument concerto “Huo Yuanjia”, and finally “My Motherland and Me” and “Moonlight in Zhejiang” chorus to complete the evening party Reaching a climax, the song spread far and wide across the sea. The fantasy beauty of the moonlight and lights; the beautiful and romantic scene of the gentle breeze and sparkling waves; the melodious singing soothes the homesickness of overseas travelers; and the joyful smiling faces embody the joy of being together.

The activities of this luxury cruise ship to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival are rich in content, including ice-breaking games, lantern guessing games, shell throwing games, fan appreciation, moon cake tasting, Western-style dinner, traditional cheongsam, and Hanfu and Tang suits, which are full of traditional Chinese cultural festival atmosphere. At the same time, the integration of traditional festivals and modern popular elements, such as Internet celebrity live broadcasts and Mid-Autumn Festival gala, have become the most unique memories of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Los Angeles.

At the same time, the US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee held various activities of the “Ten Cities Linked to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival” in Hangzhou, Shanghai, San Francisco, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Minnesota, Connecticut and other places. This scenery has already Became a brand project of the US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee.