The United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands Sign Three Compact of Free Association-Related Agreement

0/17/2023 01:08 PM EDT


On October 16, the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands signed three agreements related to the U.S.-Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Compact of Free Association: (1) an Agreement to Amend the Compact, as Amended, (2) a new Fiscal Procedures Agreement, and (3) a new Trust Fund Agreement.  The conclusion of these agreements affirms the close and continuing partnership between the United States and the RMI.

Special Presidential Envoy for Compact Negotiations Joseph Yun signed the agreements for the United States and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Jack Ading signed for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands President David Kabua, Chief Negotiator Phillip Muller, and several other senior RMI officials attended the signing in Honolulu, as did U.S. Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs Carmen G. Cantor.

The signing of these three agreements reflects the strong and historic cooperation between our nations and affection between our people.  The U.S.-RMI Compact continues to underpin our special relationship that is deep and enduring, and that furthers the U.S. commitment to a Pacific that is secure, free and open, and more prosperous.

U.S. Congressional and RMI Parliament (Nitijela) action is necessary before the agreements can be brought into force, and we appreciate Congress’ bipartisan and bicameral support on this matter.