Overtone Industries Presents Its Third Opera Theater Development Workshop, Original Vision: Leveling, on December 9 at 6pm at Teatro Frida Kahlo

Directed by O-Lan Jones with Music Direction by Fahad Siadat,

2023 Original Vision Workshop Scenes Include:

RANSOM PLACE by Jameel Martin and Daniel Hass

THE JOINING by Isaac Io Schankler and Aiden Feltkamp

FAY AT BEGONIA by Maesa Pullman


LOS ANGELES, November 16, 2023 – Overtone Industries, a genre-bending opera-theater company developing and presenting original stories, hosts Original Vision: Leveling, its third annual presentation of workshops from developing composers and librettists, on December 9 at 6pm at Teatro Frida Kahlo. Original Vision is an incubator project from Overtone Industries focused on encouraging and guiding composers and librettists to develop their unique visions in an authentic, boundary-breaking environment. The project consists of a six-week workshop period with dedicated mentorship from Overtone’s leadership. Everything culminates in a one-night presentation of new opera-theater scenes performed by Overtone’s creative team.

“Overtone creates and develops authentic new stories in two ways: through our own original productions, and through supporting other artists with a vision for creating new worlds through music and opera. When we first created the Original Vision program, we tried to think of the type of support we would have appreciated as artists in our early days,” said O-Lan Jones, founder and artistic director of Overtone Industries. “As we work with these incredibly creative individuals, we are intent on immersing ourselves in the worlds that they have envisioned and helping them find the specifics that develop their pieces, rather than encouraging them to fit into the perceptions and preconceived notions that already exist elsewhere. We actively seek artists whose vision is so original that they also don’t fit into any handy boxes. This year, we have a wide range of approaches and styles with completely different textures that express wonderfully unique stories, and I can’t wait for audiences to get a chance to experience this preview for themselves.”

The 2023 Original Vision workshops feature the work of five award-winning artists including composers, folk musicians, playwrights and electronic musicians grouped into three teams. Each team presents a scene where a new, mythic world is presented through opera. The scenes are brought to life by professional opera and music theater singers from around Los Angeles and accompanied by the critically acclaimed instrumental ensemble, Brightwork newmusic. All three pieces are directed by O-Lan Jones, with music direction by Fahad Siadat.

Ransom Place by Daniel Hass and Jameel Martin

In a neighborhood marked for demolition, two companions, Mr. K and Gerald, hold an abandoned building hostage. An invisible force, the Stagehand, perceived only by Mr. K, picks apart what’s left of the place. A ghost of the past barges in: a delirious, zombie-like woman, recounting her sad tale to no-one in particular. In this eerie landscape, Mr. K and Gerald struggle to shed their illusions and face the unsettling reality of their situation.

The Joining by Aiden Feltkamp and Issac Io Schankler

The Joining tells the story of two cultures, one who lives on the surface and another that lives below it, interacting for the first time in recorded history. The workshop scene features Frem, the Undergrounder sent to deal with the Overlanders, demonstrating their personal golem. The golem are automaton-like inventions who commonly serve as assistants in the Underground. During Frem’s presentation to stakeholders in a major Overland company, the new prototype golem begins to show more individuality than any of them expected.

Fay at Begonia by Maesa Pullman
Wayward and out of work, Fay wanders the gardens of Begonia, a utopian colony built into the hills by a group of mystic philosophers. She is swallowed by the mind-bending clutches of the colony, especially the group’s leader, Anne. When Begonia begins to crumble, Anne’s ego flares and the underbelly of truth rises up. In a fit of disillusionment, by the light of a full moon, Fay runs away from Begonia through winding canyon roads. She comes to a fruit orchard where she eats a glowing peach, begins to sing, and encounters something divine.

Featured singers include Molly Pease, Angelica Rowell, Paul Chwe Minchul An, and Kion Heidari.

Immediately following the workshops, guests are invited to stay for a reception featuring singer-songwriter Maesa Pullman. Tickets to the event are $30 and include both the performance and the reception, or tickets for either session can be purchased individually for $15. To purchase tickets and learn more, please visit https://www.overtoneindustries.org/original_vision_leveling