esident Recognizing County Senior Residents

Los Angeles County, November 20, 2023 – This month, Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) and the Marina Manor Senior Public Housing site staff presented resident Yefim Kogan with a special birthday certificate to celebrate his 101st birthday.

Every year, the LACDA is honored to celebrate special milestones with our residents and birthdays are no exception. Throughout the years, the LACDA has awarded several residents with centennial birthday certificates, including one to Mr. Hightower, a South Bay Gardens resident who also celebrated his 101st birthday last year.

Resident Manager Janna Arutyunyan, along with Marina Manor staff and Mr. Kogan’s family, worked together to celebrate Mr. Kogan’s 101st birthday at Marina Manor. He was treated to balloons and a birthday cake. Yefim and his wife have been married for over 73 years and have been residents of Marina Manor for two decades. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Kogan was an awarded scientist.

“We are always excited to celebrate such tremendous milestones with our residents,” said Emilio Salas, LACDA Executive Director. “The LACDA staff wishes Mr. Kogan a very happy birthday. We are proud to take part in his birthday celebrations.”

According to the University of Southern California, seniors with close ties to their community and with frequent social interactions have better mental and physical health, and a higher quality of life. Better health results in lower medical bills for residents at the LACDA’s senior housing sites who are often on a fixed income. Community events held at the LACDA’s senior housing sites, like birthday milestones, grandparents’ day, and bingo nights, among other activities, help keep community connections strong.

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