The Visual Effects Artists of “Extraction 2”: The VFX magic by Duolin Ge

Los Angeles, Ca (January 4th, 2024) – When we watch a movie or a TV series, we are often captivated by the heroic actions and postures of the main characters. The directors and actors in front of the camera are undoubtedly essential to the entire work, but there is another group of people, hidden behind the scenes, whose work is incredibly important and can even affect the final visual outcome. These are dedicated visual effects artists, and Duolin Ge is a key member among them.

Duolin Ge

“Extraction 2” is the sequel to the popular Netflix action movie “Extraction,” released in June 2023. Directed by Sam Hargrave, with Joe Russo hired to write the sequel’s script, Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as the protagonist Tyler Rake. “Extraction 2” has become the tenth most popular original movie in Netflix history. It marked the biggest movie premiere on Netflix in 2023, with this highly anticipated sequel receiving 43 million views on Netflix within just four days of its release, accumulating a total of 88 million viewing hours worldwide. To date, the film has garnered 129.3 million views. Duolin Ge played a critical role as a Senior Key Artist, contributing significantly to the film’s acclaim and success.

“Extraction 2” is a classic Hollywood-style action movie with numerous visual effects shots. “Such large-scale projects also represent extremely high production standards and demands,” said Duolin Ge. For each scene, they must give their all, as time is limited, and the requirements are stringent. Perfectly managing the balance between stress and efficiency is a compulsory lesson for every artist. To produce the best visual effects, Duolin and his team, in addition to using traditional production methods, also innovate as needed, such as using the latest industry technologies or new pipelines. “Ultimately, everything we do is aimed at achieving the best possible effect,” Duolin explained.

Duolin Ge

Behind every excellent film and television project is the hard work of artists and team  members, some visible and some silently contributing behind the screen, executing those  “impossible tasks.” Duolin Ge and his team do such things every day. Turning the impossible  into possible, the process of identifying and solving problems is painful but joyful. They are  problem solvers and are accustomed to it. All this relies on a love for the profession, a responsible attitude, and superb visual effects production skills. 

Duolin Ge studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, majoring in 3D  Animation & Visual Effects, and earned a graduate diploma. After graduating, he went to his  dream movie location – Hollywood in Los Angeles. Due to his talent and effort in visual effects,  he was invited to become a member of the Visual Effects Society in 2019, a visual effects  association that requires strict screening to join. Every path is not easy, even for the very  hardworking. Diligence is essential, but sometimes luck and opportunity are also needed. To  date, Duolin Ge has over 9 years of work experience. He also participated in the production  of the animated short film “Wishing Box,” which qualified for the Oscars. At the 2019 ComicCon Best Animated Film, Duolin Ge conducted a live technical explanation. The Short film  “Magician: Game of Detective” he was involved in won the Best film Award at the 2019  Chinese American Film Festival . In 2022, he participated in the King of Avalon & Orlando  Bloom project as a visual effects supervisor, which won the Clio Entertainment Silver Award.  In the same year, he also participated in the production of the Chinese sci-fi movie “The  Wandering Earth 2” as a Compositing Supervisor, among others. This film has won numerous  awards, including the 2023 Golden Rooster Awards Special Jury Award, the Shanghai  International Film Festival Best Film of the Year, Best Technology for Film of the Year, and the  Chinese American Film Festival Best Film Award, among others. 

(By: Richar Ren/LAPost)

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