PHOTOS: Governor Newsom and First Partner Siebel Newsom Induct the California Hall of Fame 17th Class

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom yesterday joined the California Museum to induct the 17th class of the California Hall of Fame.

California Hall of Fame 17th Class Ceremony
California Hall of Famers Los Lobos
California Hall of Famer Leon E. Panetta
California Hall of Famers The Go-Go’s
California Hall of Famer Thelton E. Henderson
California Hall of Famer Helene An
California Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller

The inductees of the California Hall of Fame 17th class are:

  • HELENE AN: Master chef and the Mother of Fusion Cuisine

  • WILLIE L. BROWN, JR.: History-making Mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the California Assembly

  • VINTON G. CERF: Renowned computer scientist and a Father of the Internet

  • AVA DUVERNAY: Visionary storyteller and award-winning filmmaker

  • THE GO-GO’S: Chart-topping all-female pop punk band

  • THELTON E. HENDERSON: Revered federal judge and civil rights leader

  • LOS LOBOS: Iconic Chicano rock band

  • CHERYL MILLER: Legendary basketball player and sports broadcaster

  • LEON E. PANETTA: Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and dedicated public servant

  • BRENDA WAY: Celebrated artistic director and choreographer

Watch yesterday’s ceremony here.