San Diego Zoo hosts 2024 Lunar New Year celebration

LAPost/San Diego, Ca (Feb. 18, 2024) -The San Diego Zoo held 2024 Lunar New Year’s 2 days celebration kick off on Saturday, filled with Chinese elements such as dragon dolls, red envelopes and red lanterns. Paul Baribault, president and CEO of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles Guo Shaochun in attendance the celebration with zoo visitors.

Over the weekend, the park was transformed into a space where East meets West, as visitors came together to usher in the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of strength and good fortune in Chinese culture. This two-day festivity was not just about ringing in a new year; it was a testament to the enduring partnership and shared goals between the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and its Chinese counterparts in the realm of wildlife conservation.

As Consul General mentioned in his speech: “The San Diego Zoo is not only an active participant of cultural exchange, but also a pioneer in wildlife conservation cooperation. It is the first American zoo to conduct giant panda conservation cooperation with China. The San Diego Zoo made significant breakthroughs in improving the survival rate of panda cubs and successfully bred six panda cubs. “Baiyun” and “Xiao Liwu” were once the super stars of the zoo and attracted many loyal fans, men or women, old or young. To this day, the panda videos are still among the most viewed on San Diego Zoo’s website.”

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony led by the president and CEO of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, setting the tone for a celebration that was as educational as it was entertaining. Central to the festivity was the emphasis on the alliance’s collaborative efforts with Chinese conservationists in the breeding and protection of giant pandas. This partnership has yielded significant breakthroughs, notably improving the survival rate of panda cubs. It’s a story of international cooperation that underscores the broader narrative of wildlife conservation as a unifying mission transcending geographical and cultural barriers.

The Safari Park’s festivities provided a platform for more than just celebration; they served as a reflection of the deep-rooted friendship between the people of the United States and China. Attendees participated in traditional activities such as attaching wish notes to wish trees, a practice embodying hopes for the new year. The park itself was adorned with decorations echoing the Year of the Dragon theme, immersing visitors in a cultural experience that bridged continents. The event resonated well with guests, who found joy and inspiration in the Lunar New Year celebrations, highlighting the shared human connection to nature and the animal kingdom.

As the festivities concluded, the message was clear: the journey of conservation is a shared one, with each breakthrough in breeding and protecting species like the giant panda serving as a beacon of hope for the future. The Chinese Lunar New Year celebration at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was a vivid reminder of the beauty of cultural exchange and the power of collective action in the face of global challenges. It underscored the importance of friendship between peoples and the critical role of international partnerships in safeguarding the natural world for generations to come.

The Year of the Dragon is a powerful and auspicious year in the Chinese zodiac. People born under this sign are said to be strong, passionate, and confident. In 2024, the Year of the Dragon is predicted to bring a mix of opportunities and challenges for those born under this sign, as well as for the world at large.