The inspirational film “Kung Fu Girl” premiered in North American theatres

Marking a new chapter in Chinese language cinema! (Kung Fu Girl) Premieres in North American Theatres, a New Chapter in Chinese Cinema

Los Angeles, CA (February 23, 20224) –  On the Lantern Festival of 2024, Global Asia Media Entertainment Group (GAME) and Meta Media proudly present the North American theatrical premiere of Kung Fu Girl, an inspirational kung fu blockbuster for children that combines Chinese Kung Fu culture with the best of Hollywood productions, which has not only won numerous awards at international film festivals, including the Best Children’s Film Award at the Chinese American Film Festival, the Best Action Film Award at the San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival, the Best Feature Film Award & Best Director Award at the Moscow International Children’s Film Festival, and the Best Action Film Award at the Moscow International Children’s Film Festival, the Best Child Actress Award at the Macau International Children’s Film Festival, etc., It has also received a high rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) at the Kids First Film Festival in the United States, and has been recommended to both youths aged between 5 and 18, and adult audiences.


The film’s story revolves around the self-discovery of a young girl, Lisa, and tells a tale of courage, family, and growth through her fantasy experiences. While showcasing exquisite Kung Fu, the film also conveys the power of perseverance and love, making it a model for promoting the international spread of Chinese culture.


With its unique oriental flavor and deep cultural connotations, Kung Fu Girl not only proves once again the overseas appeal of Chinese culture, but also demonstrates the vast market potential of Chinese-language films on the international stage. The film’s innovative interpretation of traditional Kung Fu conveys a positive spiritual core that successfully attracts and inspires overseas family audiences.


To celebrate the premiere, GAME has specially planned a series of cultural activities and exchange forums related to the film’s theme, dedicated to deepening North American audiences’ understanding and love of Asian cinema. Kung Fu Girl will be screened in twelve theatres in nine cities, including Alhambra, where it will be a feast for the eyes and the mind.