Shaanxi China culture and tourism promotion event held in Los Angeles

San Gabriel, Ca, Feb. 29 (LAPost) — A Chinese national culture and tourism promotion event was held here on Thursday, bringing together about 200 local dignitaries, business leaders, travel and tourism industry executives and the media joined with China National Tourist Office, Los Angeles and delegation of Chinese officials from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Shaanxi Province in launching the “Shaanxi China Culture and Tourism Presentation” at the San Gabriel Sheraton in Los Angeles today. the Los Angeles event was the Shannxi delegation 2nd promotional stop after New York in the states.

Du Jingen, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Li Zhiqiang, Deputy Consul General (Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)

Hosted by the China National Tourist Office in Los Angeles and supported by The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, the presentation kicked off with the opening remarks delivered by Deputy Consul General Li Zhiqiang.

Li Zhiqiang, Deputy Consul General (Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)

“Recently, China has already canceled the appointment requirement for visa application, simplified the visa application form and reduced application fees. Seeing is believing. You are welcome to visit China, to experience its rich history and culture, witness its breathtaking natural landscapes, savor delicious Chinese cuisine, and enjoy the convenient transportation and other tourism services.” said Li Zhiqiang,

Du Jingen, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)

Du Jingen, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, lead of the delegation told guests “A couple of days ago, we have visited New York City and met some of our American counterparts working in the tourism industry. I deeply feel that the American tourism practitioners, American tourists are as eager as the people of Shaanxi to make bilateral tourism more convenient. So, we came to Los Angeles without stopping to send a warm invitation from the hometown of the Terracotta Warriors.”

“This May, China-U.S. high-level tourism dialogue will be held in Xi’an, where hundreds of representatives from tourism industry and thousands of American tourists and teenagers will be invited to Shaanxi for sightseeing and exchange.” Du announced. 

Du said in his speech that Shaanxi has unique natural landscapes and human resources, as well as extremely rich historical and cultural heritage, and is known as the “Natural History Museum”.

Regarding the flight issue that many tourists are most concerned about, ”Restoring direct flights from Xi’an to Los Angeles is also an important task of our trip.“ said Du.

Ren Hong, general manager of Xi’An China International Travel Service Group(Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)

Ren Hong, general manager of Xi’An China International Travel Service Group, said in an interview that there will be a China-US tourism industry summit forum in Xi’an in May this year, so this promotion event is also preparation for the summit forum. . I hope to make the cultural and tourism exchanges between China and the United States better.

“This promotion event not only brought some representative intangible cultural exhibits from Shaanxi, but also specially selected tourist routes from Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City, including all over China, to facilitate international tourists. Itinerary arrangements.” Ren Hong said “I especially hope that through this event, local young people will know more about China and Shaanxi. “

(Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)

The preparations for this promotional event were quite thorough: including Shaanxi China Culture and Tourism Presentation video; Promotion of Products from China West Airport Group; Promotion of Products from Xi’an China International Travel Service.

On the event site, guests can see the well picked up samples of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Food Culture Experience, learn about the latest information on cultural and tourism products in Shaanxi, By experiencing intangible cultural heritage and tasting local cuisine, will immerse yourself in Shaanxi, feeling the charming of its culture. 

During the day’s promotion activities, guests can obtain quite sufficient information on Shaanxi tourism products, including information on attractions, transportation, accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping, etc. They can also experience paper-cutting, rubbings, clay sculptures, calligraphy, shadow puppets and other activities. Feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage and take guests own creations and good luck home. At the same time, it also provides the opportunity to taste Shaanxi traditional pastries such as Fuzhuan Brick Tea, Hanzhong Xianhao tea, Ziyang selenium-rich green tea, crystal cake, and peach blossom cake. 

(Photo by: Richard Ren/LAPost)