Barger Spotlights Availability of Free Parkway Trees During Earth Month

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Now that Earth Month has arrived, Supervisor Kathryn Barger wants residents living in Los Angeles County’s unincorporated communities to know they can obtain and plant a parkway tree at no cost.

Parkway trees are defined as trees planted adjacent to the edge of a roadway within the County’s road easement and therefore in the public right-of-way. Tree planting services are coordinated by Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Works, which has an Urban Forestry Unit that helps residents select and plant trees.

Click here to go to the full article. Please allow images from the Fifth District to improve your reading experience.

“Planting a parkway tree is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day and bring even more beauty into a neighborhood,” Supervisor Kathryn Barger stated. “The parkway tree program is a great way to help expand and renew the urban forest. I want to make sure residents in our unincorporated communities know that they can access parkway tree planting services at no cost. Everyone has a role to play in keeping our communities green and thriving.”

According to the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, parkway trees play a vital role within the urban ecosystem, creating a cooler climate as well as contributing to cleaner air. They also help raise property values.

“Parkway trees bring life and vitality to a community and have a critical role in supporting sustainability, resiliency, and quality of life for all in LA County,” said Los Angeles County Public Works Director Mark Pestrella, P.E. “In addition to their environmental benefit, parkways trees improve our mental and physical health and can increase a property’s value by enhancing its curb appeal.”

The Department of Public Works can help residents get a parkway tree planted along the streets in their neighborhood, offering a handy Tree Services Locator that confirms eligible communities and equips residents with a menu of trees that are permitted and suitable for their neighborhood.

Interested residents can dial (626) 300-2080 or visit the Department of Public Works’ tree planting webpage to get the process started.

A brochure of the program is available here.